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Submitted by slargent 3138d ago | news

All Pro Football 2K8 Full Legend Roster Revealed

2K Sports All Pro Football 2K8 has just released a full roster list of NFL legends available in the game via their web site. Due to EA gobbling up the NFL license, this was certainly the next best thing that 2K could offer their loyal fans. It looks as if the boys have been busy as this is quite an extensive list and should provide a a great reference to a players abilities and celebrations (Iggy Shuffle, anyone???).

Is EA getting a bit unsettled again?

Bought the NFL License
Bought the ESPN Licence
Bought the NCAA License
Bought the AFL License
Yet, they still can't keep Greg Thomas and 2K Sports down for long....

Here is the complete list: (All-Pro Football 2K8, PS3, Xbox 360)

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ITR  +   3138d ago
Wii port please.
I know EA loves Wii, but I rather have something else besides Madden.
nicodemus  +   3138d ago
Glad to see Montana...
Joe's the man!
Inasid  +   3137d ago
Legends.... How about Slash & Dash Simpson?
FirstknighT  +   3137d ago
No Steve Young???
No thanks 2k, I'll pass...
WhEeLz  +   3137d ago
it sucks
that they dont have him because EA bought the "espn" license.
kornbeaner  +   3137d ago
I also want steve young thats my all time favorite QB.

But the more I read about this game, it seems like it's gonna be a lot more fun then Madden is, it just won't have the Replay value that madden has.
JasonXE  +   3137d ago
All right!!
I love the football 2k series so this is a definite buy if it lives up to exceptation. Wohoo no more dealing with the Madden series :-D
Monchichi025  +   3137d ago
The Greatest QB of all time is included: Dan Marino!

But I'm so excited about this game! Can finally play football again. Tried Madden but that game blows!!!
xp360  +   3137d ago
2k iz back!!!!
I hope they add Bo Jackson
USMChardcharger  +   3137d ago
damn! your right...where is Bo?

this is going to be fun...

time to start thinking about who to, how do you choose?lol can you really go wrong with any of those choices?
kewlkat007  +   3137d ago
WTF is EA doing
buying all these

Bought the NFL License
Bought the ESPN Licence
Bought the NCAA License
Bought the AFL License

Talk about fearing the competition.

Anyhow this is a step in the right direction, 2K will rule. They can always add to the roster with some updates.
SDS Gamerfiend  +   3137d ago
This Game Will Expose
Madden for the garbage that it is! Had EA not bought the nfl franchise, NFL 2k6-2k8 would have been kicking madden`s arse!
Anego Montoya FTMFW  +   3137d ago
EA is genius.
It`s just sux for us.

$$$ wise it was the only thing EA could do to keep Madden alive.
they have more $$$ than 2k so they bought the licenses, and bit almost everything 2k did in their last game(didn`t do it as well).
Maddens gonna have to step it up w/ this comin out though.

Personnally i think EA should hire the people who make 2k Football to make Madden(since they bought the licenses).
It would only make Madden better and make EA more $$$.
Cause that`s what their about.
likeaboss302  +   3137d ago
Love it!
Unitas to Berry all day long! Just f'n awesome. I can't wait!
IPlayGames  +   3137d ago
My cousion will by it
He always like 2K games.

kewlkat007  +   3137d ago
Hey 2K games
was one of the first to put you inside a helment view, I mean they were innovating a lot of little things. When they added the ESPN analyst Chris Bermin to the mix it was like, "wow this is really sports center", which was awesome and the replays during halftime were great.

You just couldn't beat it. The sportscasting was way better then Madden's 2 punch lines and same goofy sayings. Player models were bigger, and you actually feel the sense of speed when you tap the turbo button.
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donscrillinger  +   3137d ago
LIKE WHAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THERE IS A GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2K BABY .ALL U SCRUBS BOW TO MEE NOW CUZ THE MASTER IS BACK .im going to kick you SCRUBS AZZ .just know that ..XBLN...Don Scrillinger..HOLLA!!!!if any of you scrubs want that beat down ........
JasonXE  +   3137d ago
If there is a topic where ps3 and xbox fans can come together is that ea madden blows and 2k football rocks. We should build on this more lol :-D
darkvenom  +   3137d ago
The big 3 of dallas? Aikman,Irvin,and Emmit.

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