Forza Motorsport 2 -- Pitpass Report 40

Turn 10 is closing down the project and playing lots and lots of Forza 2. Turn 10 officially kicked off their automated (but controlled) tournament system for the game on a closed circuit network (available only to Microsoft devs and the press), giving them a small taste of how tourneys may play out over Xbox Live. Here's a quick recap of how the online tournament feature works in the game. Each week, Turn 10 will be setting up tournaments on Xbox Live in each of the classes (D-R1). Qualifying for these tourneys is as easy as logging a hotlap session and posting your fastest time -- after which you'll be seeded in the tournament, ranked on how well your did in your qualifying time. If you qualified high, you'll find yourself scheduled to race in a heat on the bracket with 3 or less other contestants. If you didn't do so well qualifying, you end up in a heat with 7 other players. The idea here is that those who qualified high get an automatic pass to move past the initial round because to move to the next round, you'll need to place 4th place or higher in a race. Qualifying for each tournament is typically open for 2 days, after which you can browse the brackets and see which heat you've been assigned. Turn 10 have much more detail on the tournament system in an upcoming Weekly Pitpass Report, including a weekly schedule.

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MoonDust4251d ago (Edited 4251d ago )

sick! Reflections are crazy good. The replay is only running @ 30FPS! Can't wait.

power of Green 4251d ago

True to life vibrance and richnesss, Photo real graphics and effects with a feel unmatched. Man they got to be working more than one CORE rocking them harder than any other game useing one or more CORES. This Generation is going to be great as soon as devs start to use all three cores to the fullest. The Smoke visually is unlike anything i'v seen before.

Hectic_Kris4251d ago

damn this game is lookin sweeet this and command and conquer 3 are the next games im getting cant wait

P4KY B4251d ago (Edited 4251d ago )

How long will it be until someone does a comparison between the Forza 2 in game graphics and the CGI from the beginning of GT on the PS2?

And which one will come out on top?

I think it will be quite close.

M4RK19884251d ago

I remember watching the CGI vids on the old GT games and dreaming of days when games would be like that... I think we're there now.

InMyOpinion4251d ago

I only trust the screens/movies that are posted by the developers themselves. At this stage it looks incredible.

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The story is too old to be commented.