First Dragon Quest Swords scan surfaced; New details revealed

The first scan of Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and The Tower of Mirrors has surfaced. The scan, from Japanese magazine Shonen Jump, reveals new footage and info regarding the game.

According to the scan, the game has many types of swords, and while advancing in the game you'll be able to upgrade your own sword (Sword of Lightning, Sword of Fire, etc.). Also noted is that the battle system will make full use of the Wii controller, but it's still unknown how.

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ITR4246d ago

Dang it!

I was hoping for better screen shots!

Japan release date?

PS360WII4246d ago

Scan wasn't the best but any news is good news in the world of Square Enix. Specially if it is coming out on a Nintendo system. I know it's old news and all but I just can't help but still feel joy over the reuniting of these killer companies ^^