Onkyo May Back Out of HD DVD

At a press conference yesterday, held at it's New Jersey headquarters, Onkyo seemed to back track a bit from it's plans to sell an HD DVD player in 2007. Keith Haas, director of sales, said the company is "looking at both [the HD DVD and Blu-ray] formats" and rethinking it's decision of which format to back, even possibly a dual-format unit. If there is an introduction, look for it "in the fourth quarter

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kingofps34130d ago

That is a very wise decision (and this one coming from a gamer).

XxZxX4130d ago

backo ut is the Political Correct words.
Chicken out is the right one for it.

Robert223884129d ago

and in business words we refer to it as

"a smart business move"

ITR4129d ago

Dual format is the best move.

Cover your butt.

MySwordIsHeavenly4129d ago really isn' all.

I think someone's fearful of Blu-ray's momentum...and the fact that the PS3 will start pwning VERY soon.

Bonsai12144129d ago

isn't onkyo a division of sony? (or used to be?)

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