HowTo: Transfer Data to Your 360 Elite

Kotaku has posted a "How-to" for those of you who are upgrading your measly 20 gig HDD in for a brand spanking new 120 gig xbox 360 HDD. The guide is pretty straight forward (a trained monkey could follow it) but Kotaku does remind you of the limitations that you should be mindful for.

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Bill Gates3951d ago

I guess noone cares...hahaha

"elite"...what a joke!

calderra3951d ago

"The guide is pretty straight forward (a trained monkey could follow it)"
I wonder why nobody needs to be all over an article about making it happen. Maybe, oh I dunno, because it's so wickedly simple?

weekapaugh3951d ago

please note MS is charging 10 cents for every byte transferred...

Bill Gates3950d ago

You can't be serious about that, are you?

They're actually charging people to transfer data?

Holy crap!!

The BS Police3950d ago

If you think they are charging you for transfering the data, you are kidding yourself.

GameJunkieJim3950d ago

Since Microsoft locks DLC to the Hard Drive AND the serial of the console, the transferring will require that the console be online whenever I want to play XBLA or watch a TV Show...

I'm pretty pissed at this tactic.

miasma3950d ago

Always likes to keep a tight leash on it's users.