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New Final Fantasy XIII Screenshots

Famitsu have posted a host of new screenshots of Final Fantasy XIII. (Final Fantasy XIII, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Saaking  +   1724d ago
In my opinion FF Versus XIII looks better. I like the feel of it (darker) more than this one. I'm still buying this for my PS3 though :)
ssipmraw  +   1724d ago
same here man
Aquarius  +   1724d ago
Demon's Souls is out this year.
DevastationEve  +   1724d ago
Well I think they'll both be great...

Seriously, anybody who can judge a 50 hour rpg just by the first few screens and trailers they've seen obviously haven't got much to go on. If you mean that you like the darker feel of VS don't forget that even that can change during the actual gameplay. Unless they've got a 50 hour plot where it's always dark and gloomy, lol.
Blaze929  +   1724d ago
This still on for a release in Japan this year? Can't wait to import.
Raf1k1  +   1724d ago
Will it have English subs?
Blaze929  +   1724d ago
highly doubt it will. Just all depends on when the localized version of FF13 will hit the states. If it's not a HUGE gap I guess I can wait.
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Saaking  +   1724d ago
Looks good... that's all.
KionicWarlord222  +   1724d ago
Noct  +   1724d ago
Graphics look amazing, this gives of an in-game CGI feel.

Aquarius  +   1724d ago

Why import, when the whole thing is in Japanese?
Look at the grass; it looks flat.
espada_assassin  +   1724d ago
Not to me
Grass looks fine- http://img13.imageshack.us/...

The grass blades even move in the wind!!
Marojado  +   1724d ago

I'm guessing he means this picture.
Loxhart  +   1724d ago
Yes the graphics does look impressive.Square-Enix makes one of the best in-game hair.
DevastationEve  +   1724d ago
They really spend a lot of resources in character models and clothing, and yet they seem to have so much left over for breathtaking environments and spells. There will never be an rpg out there that beats an FF when it comes to that kind of effort.

With that said, I'm actually kinda impressed with the whole city scape and train thing they've shown us as being the beginning. So far the story feels similar to FF-VII's beginning, how they have this whole government conspiracy and a rival underground faction of freedom fighters (akin to Avalanche and their strugle against Shin-Ra). It's a nice bit of nostalgia though.

I dunno, that's just me anyway.
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Vivi  +   1724d ago
Wow even some of the character models in Uncharted 2 dont have seperate strands of hair like this


Hard believing this is ingame footage :O
Loxhart  +   1724d ago
Lightning takes the cake though.

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Xwow2008  +   1724d ago
play this game.
EU release is far away :(
Vivi  +   1724d ago
Seriously insane!

Hair detail and character modes are really impressive, just shows how amazing the FF and KH teams at S-E are.
Aquarius  +   1724d ago
espada_assassin, a pic?
but the trees are moving and it doesn't look flat...

1) http://www.youtube.com/watc...

2) http://www.youtube.com/watc...

only thing that looks outstanding is the character designs.

@Loxhart- doesn't the strands on this dude look great too? ( it's even moving in the wind :)

EDIT- stop denying it Loxhart, I watched that video before posting and there's many times when the character has stopped and you can see things move...

espada_assassin- here a picture
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Loxhart  +   1724d ago
Honestly you can't really tell if the tree's moving or not cause there was only like 2 seconds of footage during that scene...

Edit: :facepalm: Yay for 2 seconds of footage on background trees. And his hair still isn't as detailed.

I'm also anxiously waiting for WKC also, though.
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joe75   1724d ago | Spam
Aquarius  +   1724d ago
23-33 secs 39-48secs 1.15-1.20secs ( i'm not going to point out all of them for you because you can clearly see the grass and tree trunks move )

VIDEO 2 you can clearly see the grass move in the opening 5secs and beyond...

2.39. 2.42 ( and twos sesc of flatness )

BTW I'm not dissing FFXIII; the story should be priority after all
@Xwow2008 yh tell me about it:(
Loxhart  +   1724d ago
The trees are actually moving if you turn it on to slow-mo during Odin's summoning sequence. And don't they usually fix the ground during the final stages of the games development? 0.o Though let's just stop this useless argument until we actually play it. Lol.
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joe75   1724d ago | Spam
villiers  +   1724d ago
Yeh ground textures are always the last thing they work on, was the same case with FFX and FFXII i remember.

Besides this is a JRPG and it's size and variation destroy most other games so never expect KZ2 graphics.
Aquarius  +   1724d ago
...it's also on the first high-definition console on the market;xbox360. LOL!
And the grass or trees still isn't as detailed; it's frozen.
Why didn't you watch none of my videos?

It's going to look outdated by the time it arrives, didn't KZ2 take a long time to develop.
KZ2 exceeded my expectations.
Even if they do fix it WKC still looks better.

EDIT-FFXIII will not look as good as it could have been since it's now on 360. Obviously its the art that stands out, when you look at the characters, you know its FF.
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DevastationEve  +   1724d ago
A lot of fanboys say that but it's not true. Being on more than one console doesn't stop it from being stellar. Xbox 360 is not limiting what the game will look like in the end. In fact in just the last few months of seeing it actually running on Xbox 360 hardware they've already matched PS3's version that we've seen for years now. Of course a lot of those trailers were comprised of CGI and scripted scenes, but the battle scenes and gameplay segments already look great.

Holy cow...I was 19 when I first saw that FF-XIII CGI trailer in 05. This has gone on too long, lol.
villiers  +   1724d ago
Well this is from the Official Playstation Magazine and this is what the editor said from what he saw on one of the levels

"With that, they show another area. This time Lightning runs through a field, the archetypal kind with long grass and flowers blooming in the wind."

Read the last 3 pages for details on the areas he was shown


lightningsax  +   1724d ago
As much as I want to join in the heavy graphics analysis, I'm really more interested in the spiky-haired flans/jellies. They look like the type of flans that would shout "XTREME!!" at Harold and Kumar. I hope they name them after the Mountain Dew flavors in the States - these guys would be LiveWire.
DevastationEve  +   1724d ago
Extreme Cheddar!!!

...dude, that was so NOT extreme.
Crystallis  +   1724d ago
Well you got to admit when it comes to Final Fantasy SE puts 150% effort into the way it looks. Just a beautiful game. Its just a shame its taking so long.

Japan will get to play it in Dec, while the rest of the world gets it around spring 2010. This is when I get jealous of the folks in Japan who get to play it 6 months ahead of everyone else.

Im learning japanese just for this very thing so I can start importing their games. Sadly its taking me longer then I thought in learning the language.
NeoCloud  +   1724d ago
Why are Famitsu screen shots always of low quality [ i mean not HD quality] they are not even SD quality.
Aquarius  +   1724d ago
Listen, look at KZ2's E307 trailer and compare it to the full game; it is either matched or it looks better.

FFXIII's CGI should have really been it's real graphics and we wouldn't need CGI cutscenes since the graphics would've looked great anyway. It would also be possible beacuse look at KZ2, U2, ACIT and GT5 looks fvcken REAL; it's unreal LOL!!!

FFXIII's CGI cutscenes take up how much space again, if you say its size destroy most other games, I wonder what has been cut out to make it fit on DVD9 or will there be any cutscenes in the 360 version at all or they'll all just be compressed.

all FFXIII has now is the character designs and its music.

it's like your moving house and you go into a room but this room is actually smaller than your other room which could fit bigger things inside, where is the extra stuff going to go, hmmm?

EDIT- Marojado { 5.2 }, yh that's a good example
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presto717  +   1724d ago
Why square, why?
When will FF go back to knights fighting dragons? I'm sick and tired of all this futuristic sci-fi crap.
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PS360PCROCKS  +   1724d ago
FF is one of those games I personally can't stand and wouldn't play even if someone had a gun to my head. But I am always impressed with the quality of graphics and art in the newest one. It looks very good.

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