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Saaking2921d ago

In my opinion FF Versus XIII looks better. I like the feel of it (darker) more than this one. I'm still buying this for my PS3 though :)

Aquarius2921d ago

Demon's Souls is out this year.

DevastationEve2921d ago

Well I think they'll both be great...

Seriously, anybody who can judge a 50 hour rpg just by the first few screens and trailers they've seen obviously haven't got much to go on. If you mean that you like the darker feel of VS don't forget that even that can change during the actual gameplay. Unless they've got a 50 hour plot where it's always dark and gloomy, lol.

Blaze9292921d ago

This still on for a release in Japan this year? Can't wait to import.

Raf1k12921d ago

Will it have English subs?

Blaze9292921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

highly doubt it will. Just all depends on when the localized version of FF13 will hit the states. If it's not a HUGE gap I guess I can wait.

Saaking2921d ago

Looks good... that's all.

Noct2921d ago

Graphics look amazing, this gives of an in-game CGI feel.

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The story is too old to be commented.