Captures of Ninja Gaiden Sigma's demo

The demo of Ninja Gaiden Sigma is now available on the PSN, at least on the Japanese store. Enjoy these images captured by Playsyde.

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Gears4015d ago

Dead or Alive 4 looks way better than this shyte. PS3 fanboys get worked up over some ugly games. I guess it's because they have never played Gears at 1080i.

wildcat4015d ago

Gears is a whole different game. Different gameplay(still fun though), different genre, different art direction, different engine. This game looks beautiful,the developers deserve to be praised for that. 1080p at 60fps w/self-shadowing. Looks like the unprogrammable PS3 is starting to get programmed really well and this isn't even the biggest PS3 game to come.

weekapaugh4015d ago

well this game will take more than two hours to finish so yes, it is different than gears.

mcintosh2334015d ago

i'm a 360 fanboy all the way but ninja gaiden rocks BIG TIME
best action game ever ever ever ever ever ever ever

not for ladies though, nice and difficult

achira4015d ago

are you blind ? sigma looks 1000 times better than geow, look at the fantastic sharp textures and the nice reflection effects, and the detail. its very amazing. you must be very ignorant.

tihstae4015d ago

no he is blinded by fanboyism. Not to mention he has a small penu$ but that is beside the point.

Arkham4015d ago

You couldn't do what Sigma does on-screen at the same time with the Gears' level of detail. At least, at the time Gears was made. That's one reason it's not an balls-out FPS.

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Gears4015d ago

The pics attached of DOA 4 looks way better! Too much HDR on the Sigma screenshots looks like an uprezzed xbox game, oh wait it is. LOL

eques judicii4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

sigma is a little underwhelming in stills...

although i'm sure it looks a lot better in motion (just like the movies i've seen)

on a side note, the blood looks really good ;-) but ayune is scary

SmokeyMcBear4015d ago

hahaha you serious? Those pics are garbage.. check out VF5.. now thats real graphics on a fighter... DOA.. you're too funny.

SIX4015d ago

Looks pretty impressive to me.

zantetsuken4015d ago

Go troll elsewhere schmuck.

/me gives you some fanboy cookies.

Firewire4015d ago

Listen DOA4 or VF5 have no chance against Tekken6 !

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XxZxX4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

trolls with 5 bubbles, there must be a lot of XBOX 360 trolls around here which constantly supply bubbles to each others.

BTW do you know notice those who defended Sony get less bubbles, those who bash Sony got like 6 bubbles.. hmmmmmm...

XxZxX4015d ago

yup, looks like I'm right on target, there goes one of my bubbles.

Black Republican4015d ago

i cant wait to read the comments and reviews of ppl who have actually played it for ps3
i played this alot for xbox 1 and the game is awesome and now its on ps3 and improved with extra content

: )

brianodom4015d ago

looks great..looks good..looks like i'll be getting this

Violater4015d ago

Looks like a lot of people are just jealous.

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The story is too old to be commented.