IGN: HD-DVD Movie Sales Only 2k Behind Blu-ray

April 25, 2007 - The recent pres-release-bickering between the HD-DVD and Blu-ray camps isn't terribly new, though most previous spats have gone down in the midst of large trade shows. The most recent squabbling began when HD-DVD celebrated the format's birthday by announcing that 100,000 dedicated players had been sold, preserving the format's hardware lead, not counting the PlayStation 3 (story). Blu-ray fired back, announcing that Blu-ray movie sales had reached the 1,000,000-sold milestone, and added a little salt to the wound with the data that 70-percent of Q1 HD-movie sales were thanks to Blu-ray

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ITR4224d ago

Well at least HD-DVD is fighting back.

2k isn't far from 1 mil.

HD-DVD will probably announce next week it's over 1 million.

jahcure4224d ago

You need to get outdoors and just visit BB or Walmart, they are both not stocking anymore HD-DVDs, at least in my area. The hd-dvd add on is now below 80 bucks, the toshiba A2 is now $295 and on clearance. If HD-DVD were only 2k behind i think they wouldn't be on clearance. But that's just me

Torch4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

Our Best Buys and Wal-Mart (Toronto area) still carry both formats, although that the burgundy-coloured section appears to be shrinking more and more, while the blue boxes continue to devour HD-DVD's place.

One thing that does stand out heavily in favour of HD-DVD, is that stand-alone HD-DVD players are currently SO MUCH cheaper than the Blu-Ray counterparts. I'm very, very surprised that they're not selling significantly more stand-alones than the Blu-Ray camp.

If those Blu-Ray player prices do drop to a truly competitive level any time soon (they're waaay to expensive considering the competition's offerings), how can one resist NOT choosing blue over burgundy? Only the most devoted of brand worshippers can decline.

Because then, it truly would be about the titles (of which Sony has more (studio support), and at arguably cheaper prices.)

cookiemonster4224d ago

" 1.1 - You actually believe this?
You need to get outdoors and just visit BB or Walmart, they are both not stocking anymore HD-DVDs, at least in my area. The hd-dvd add on is now below 80 bucks, the toshiba A2 is now $295 and on clearance. If HD-DVD were only 2k behind i think they wouldn't be on clearance. But that's just me "

When you start off with "you actually beleive this, you need to get out more" and end with "but that's just me", you have lost all credibility

ITR4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

It's on clearance to make more room for new stock.

I've been at Target and have seen both Blu Ray and HD-DVD movies go for $10-15 bucks on clearance at Target. The pricing team does this every day Mon-Fri.
Wal-Mart does this as well.

Our BB and Target still sell both. Wal-Mart here doesn't even stock either. You might see 1-2 blu or HD movies here and there. lists 200 HD-DVD and 216 Blu Ray movies.
Thats about equal considering Sony has more studios right now.

Merovee4223d ago

My area is going through the same scenario as torchy's. Still around but ever shrinking HD sections.

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uuuunvnv24224d ago

even though im not going to buy eather till there is only 1 winner. I cant help to think that with wal-mart backing HD-DVD, bluray wont be able to stand the test of time.not that eather is better than the other. there are just A LOT of people that only shop at wal-mart

jahcure4224d ago

Honestly where do you get your info on walmart supporting HD-DVD? Go visit a walmart today, don't take my word for it, just get up...and go visit a walmart and take pics too. THEY ARE NOT carrying much hd-dvd and what they do have is on clearance.

cookiemonster4224d ago

here's a link for reference to the speculation he is talking about.

XxZxX4224d ago

cookiemonster it can be both way, the chinese put it as Blu-ray HD DVD, which is which we don't know however. In taiwan, they have this news

an american company just ordered 2 million of the players.

A famous American production factory has ordered 2 million devices. "

it can go both way.

cookiemonster4224d ago

i never said it was a statement of fact. I was just referencing where the news started.

btw i'm chinese. and it's definitely talking about HDdvd in context. the reporter doesn't entirely understand the formats, but the words blue lasers isn't what they are talking about

XxZxX4224d ago

藍光 = Blu-ray
not to confuse with
藍激光 = Blue laser

clearly talking about blu-ray not HDDVD.

cookiemonster4224d ago

You're looking at a taiwanese company making blu-ray.

This isn't in reference to the wal-mart deal. Fuh Yuan

eques judicii4224d ago

well.. the chinese for blue ray and blue light is the same... so really we are still left in the dark

ITR4224d ago

My Chinese friend said it meant Blue Light.
Thats why you see it next to LED's and MP3 players.

Otherwise we have blue ray everything.

Phantom_Lee4224d ago

if u ask me, this article is about wal mart

because the inventor is the same 鄧鴻吉
and they are talking about Blue ray
the blue light is blue ray in chinese

btw...this is out of topic, but anybody from Taiwan here? Im thinking about going back to visit my family, and i know i dont wanna go back during election season( so messy ) anybody know when is better time to go back?

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jedicurt4224d ago

walmart sells blu-ray dvd's... atleast they do in Oklahoma, USA

Mr Murda4224d ago

You sound like your ability to live depends on Blu-Ray being the adopted next gen format. Are you OK? Just call the cops and Sony will be forced to stop holding the gun next your head.

How bout this....Why don't YOU go to Wal-Mart and take pictures for me? I want to see the clearance HD-DVD's and $80 HD-DVD add on. I'm sure your right, but I just want to see it. I own the HD-DVD add on and a PS3. I'm at Best Buy, Circuit City, and Wal-Mart weekly to look for new movies on both formats. I promise you, if I found clearance/discounted movies on either format then I'd buy them. Hell, if I found an $80 HD-DVD add on then I'd buy another one just for heck of it.

I'm calling shenanigans on your comments until I see proof.

The truth, at least for the rest of the world, is that both formats are neck and neck. Blu-Ray will probably succeed in the end, due to the amount of studio support. HD-DVD, right now, is a superior format but lacks studio support. This is why I own both and enjoy as many HD Movies as I want.

xfrgtr4224d ago

"According to Home Media Magazine, 70 percent of the high-definition discs purchased during the first quarter of 2007 were Blu-ray, leaving HD DVD in the dust.ccording to new market research from Home Media Magazine, Blu-ray discs significantly outsold titles in the rival HD DVD format during the first quarter of 2007—and Home Media Magazine says the contest wasn't even close, with some 70 percent of high-definition discs sold being in Blu-ray format.According to the figures, consumers purchased nearly 1.2 million high-definition discs in the first quarter of 2007; of those, 832,530 were Blu-ray titles and 359,300 were HD DVD discs. Home Media Magazine says Blu-ray took the sales lead on February and that, by March, the format accounted for nearly three out of every four high-definition discs sold, racking up 335,980 disc sales compared to HD DVDs 119,570 discs.
Since introduction in 2006, more than 2.14 million high-definition discs have been sold; 1.2 million of been Blu-ray and and about 937,500 have been HD DVD."
"both formats are neck and neck":I don't think so

Dlacy13g4224d ago

So taking into account the launch of the PS3 in Europe in March it would stand to reason that they would have exceptionally higher sales in March don't you think? I think the thing to really watch is if those sales figures level out again as they had before after the NA launch of the PS3.

Also, in terms of sales over all figures 1.2 million and 937,500 is fairly neck and neck. Sure Blu-ray is ahead in those figures but that is not a substantial lead by any stretch.

Mr Murda4224d ago

You managed to make yourself look like a fool in 1 post as compared to most fools, which it typically takes a dozen posts.

You just proved my point about Blu-Ray and HD-DVD being neck and neck. There was an obvious increase in Blu-Ray sales following the PS3 launches in US, Japan, and Europe. Now that the dust has settled we are seeing sales level out again. Thanks for proving my point.

That being said, you seem to be rooting for one product over another. I don't get that!? They both have great things to offer. Enjoy Both!

Dlacy13g4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

So what Walmart are you talking about specifically that is no longer supporting HD-DVD? Just curious because in searching Walmarts website I found some very interesting things being sold ....called HD-DVD's and players. Links to support.... so what again is it you said Walmart was no longer supporting?

Link to players:

Link to 360 add on...which I might add is listed at $199:

Link to a whole section selling HD-DVD movies:

**EDIT NOTE: In case anyone wonders yes they have a blu-ray section too. And the number of titles offered by both formats weighs in at 175 for Blu-ray and 174 for HD-DVD. Hardly seems like they are supporting one more than the other now does it?

So ...Jachure. I can appreciate your fanboy need to defend your format to the death. But please do not make crap up just to try and prove your fanboy love is not mis-guided.

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