Resident Evil 4 Preview by CVG

When the Resident Evil series was announced as a Nintendo exclusive1 way back in 2001, a collection of remakes of the earlier titles was followed up by the unbelievably good Resident Evil 4 - not just the number one reason to own a GameCube but probably one of the best games ever made.

However, the exclusivity didn't last very long at all, as Capcom sought to bring their expensively produced game to a wider audience. A PS2 version arrived barely nine months later, and it was no longer simply GameCube's finest moment.

In fact, the PS2 version had a handful of excellent enhancements, including new equipment, new rewards and a couple of new weapons - one of which you'd be given after finishing the game on professional difficulty.

So Nintendo fans, while they enjoyed a better-looking game, missed out on some great content. Which is why Capcom's coders have reworked the game once again, and are releasing the PS2 version on Wii - this time with superior PS2-shaming visuals and a reworked motion-sensing control system that uses the remote for faster aiming.

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