How handheld consoles have evolved over the last 20 years

It has taken a while for handheld gaming to crawl from the primordial 8-bit slime to today's shiny state of affairs. To illustrate just how much things have advanced over the last 20 years, Pocket Gamer have pulled together a few facts and figures in pretty chart form.

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ITR4247d ago

I had the Atari Lynx (the orig sized one)
I also had a PC Engine GT aka the Turbo Express and the orig Gameboy.

QuackPot4247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

As a Deltan(check bio) I couldn't help but come up with this brilliant idea:

The new PSP:

* Touch screen - that can also bring up keyboard(like Apple iPhone).
* has rumble and 6 axis
* doubles as a Ps3 controller
* can take all video/audio feed from a Ps3(no need to turn on the TV) - can use your ps3 entirely from the PSP.

Wow. This will pawn all handhelds and further promote sales of Ps3.

C'mon Sony. Just do it before Micro$oft copies my idea. I can see Billy boy salivating now.

xp3604246d ago

Yeah they forgot the turbo express does anyone have one of those for sale?

id dot entity4246d ago

I'm from the original GameBoy era. Man sweet memories.

qbert4245d ago

It is a long time ago the Atari Lynx
and still working

Silvia0074244d ago

They were as big as a tank, heavy as a tank, and as tough as a tank.