More than 40 million Nintendo DS systems sold

Nintendo is attributing its latest glowing finacial results largely to the full-year sales of more than 23 million DS systems and 123 million DS games.

These latest figures mean that, since its release, the DS has now broken through the 40 million unit barrier.

And the impressive momentum of Nintendo's loveable handheld isn't about to slow down. Over the next 12 months, a further 22 million systems and 130 million DS carts are expected to be sold.

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Rooted_Dust4251d ago

I think alot of Nintendo's success can be attributed to it being the only company to focus mostly on "E" rated games. Where Sony and MS may have a few titles suitible for younger gamers, they are much more geared to the older more mature gamers.

Covenant4251d ago

I think that's partially true--don't forget that the Brain Age/brain training/puzzle games have attracted seniors and busy professionals to the DS, and the Nintendogs series is not only popular with kids, but also women over 25. In addition, the ever-addictive Pokemon series has become a monstrous seller for the DS, adding to its popularity.

However, the E-ratings help, (family and casual gamer-friendly) as does the high quality of games released. There are multiple million-copy sellers on the DS, and sure to be more to come. (Phantom Hourglass, just to name one).

As one of my friends said a few years ago, never, never underestimate Nintendo when it comes to handheld systems. (Apparently, that's becoming true of consoles once again).

You raised a valid point, so that's an "agree" vote for you.

ITR4251d ago

I can agree with that concerning the NDS.

Though many games for the NDS are now coming Teen rated.

Very very few M rated games for NDS.

Leo Atrox4251d ago

40 million sold, and at least 2 stolen. :-(

I really liked my DS light too ... I'm not going to throw away any more on a DS though. Buying a DS is like buying a Honda Civic in the '90's. Sure, it's great and all; but people will keep stealing your stuff!