Sony Reveals "EyeVio"

Shortly after the announcement of the Eyetoy, Sony corp have revealed the plans they have surrounding this generations gaming and entertainment.The service in short is "Eyevio". Is a feature similar to youtube meaning it going to be driven by user generated content.



If you use x-Pict Story for eyeVio which eyeVio offers,
Even with the person who is poor video compilation it can make the video clip simply from the stock digital camera photograph.

When the photograph which we would like to make the video clip is chosen, then entrust to x-Pict Story for eyeVio entirely.

Just chooses favorite music, the video kind of clip which the professional made automatically completes!

Uploading in eyeVio, also the friend and the family which is left can share the video clip which you complete directly.

* The video which is contributed to eyeVio can also stick to Blog and the home page.

* In addition, you take, as for video using the private sharing function of eyeVio, It is possible also to release to just the person of specification.

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TriggerHappy4254d ago

Sony getting ready for the takeover, already in the hardware making bness, been in the entertainment bness but taking it up a notch like they have always done. Kudos to em.

Rockstar4254d ago

Was there ever any doubt?

Not in my mind.

SmokeyMcBear4254d ago

cool stuff, the more the merrier. Sony's got something for everyone. But that image is pretty funny, it has the old boomerang controller.

BubblesDAVERAGE4254d ago

Sony is doing great.They just need to make sure the don't have another software drought like they have now next year.

ITR4254d ago

I doubt it would oust video google and youtube.
Google owns this sector.

TriggerHappy4254d ago

Google video is **** with that waiting for approval feature once you upload your video. Sony already bought a company similar to youtube so they are practically there already.

ITR4254d ago

Watch as Sony does some sort of approval rating sys.

Or will they allow kids to say the F-bombs on their sys and still be PC with parents?
I doubt it.
F with parents and you lose out this X'mas.

Qbanj694254d ago

i don't get this service... please we need more info.

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The story is too old to be commented.