PLAYSTATION EYE - Questions and Answers.

Here's some answers from Sony to a selection of PlayStation Eye questions.

Does the new Eye differ from EyeToy much?
"It's superior to EyeToy in nearly every way: four times the resolution, two times the frame-rate, two times the sensitivity and no compression artefacts. It has two fundamental new features: a two-setting optical zoom lens, and a built-in microphone array."

Is the EyeToy even compatible with the PS3?
"Yes, but the picture quality is inferior to the PS Eye."

Is the PlayStation Eye backward compatible with the PS2?

What software comes with the camera? And what software and games will be available at launch or in the near future?
"It's supplied with EyeCreate, which allows people to save photos, video and audio clips, as well as editing them and create truly individual movies using the different capture modes such as time-lapse and slow motion. Future software and games planned for use with the Eye will include Eye of Judgement, Ember, Skyblue and Aqua Vita, but the list will grow considerably over time."

It sounds nice but what does 'ability to reduce background noise and focus on the spoken word for smoother, more accurate speech recognition and transfer' mean to a consumer?
"PS Eye's high-quality mic array allows PS3 to analyse the audio input and separate human voices from other sounds, such as fans, traffic sounds, laundry, vacuums, etc. This makes your voice clearer on the other side during chat, and makes it easier for games with speech recognition to understand what you are saying."

Can the PS Eye work in low light?
"It's much more sensitive than EyeToy, to the extent that although it still works best in a well-lit room, it can produce reasonable quality video by simply using the illumination given off by the television set."

If you compare the PlayStation Eye with a normal digital camera, how does the zoom lens compare?
"The lens on PlayStation Eye has two optical settings: normal, which is a 56 degree field of view and wide, which is a 72 degree field of view. This is similar to some point-and-shoot cameras. The normal setting is similar to EyeToy's configuration and the addition of the wide setting is intended for full-body tracking. The user can switch the setting according to match his desired experience."

And how does the frame rate compare to other web cams?
"It has a very fast frame rate. Most webcams max out at 30 frames/sec, but the Eye typically runs at 60 frames/sec, which makes it twice as responsive and can also run at 120 frames/sec mode for extreme high-speed tracking applications. This makes it a very unique camera."

What format(s) do the video and audio save in?
"All video and audio files produced via the Eye are specific files created for use only on EyeCreate, the software available free with the Eye. These files cannot be used on the XMB and therefore not exported."

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Violater4134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

someone needs to come up with a hack so i can save the files to view on XMB. this is a downside for me.

Edit: coming from threespeech i will wait for "official" confirmation.

BIadestarX4134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

I have a few questions that they fail to answer.
1) Can I use it with my PC?
2) Does this mean users will be ablet to do video chat invites?
3) During video sessions with friends will it push 60fps?

I don't like the fact that any video/audio file produced by this camera is in a propietary format and can't be exported or use with anything other than your PS3.

fking Sony fanboys, what are you stupid? These are questions, what's there to disagree?

SmokeyMcBear4134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

Yeah, Im kinda bummed about that proprietary video thing.. would be good to see it available in mp4 format and able to download to your pc.. Im sure there will be someone to provide a hack.. thats what hackers do.

I just disagreed cuz you cried about it and everyone else is doing it, cuz im a lemming

TheExecutive4134d ago

5 disagrees.. thats rediculous.

TriggerHappy4134d ago

Is good that they made this little fact to prevent speculation and assumptions from carrying over

Violater4134d ago

They have been wrong before, like i said I will either wait for official word or someone to make a hack, you know someone will.

TriggerHappy4134d ago

That is a given, it will happen no doubt about that but it will take a while as hacks with the ps3 itself is taking forever.

overrated4134d ago

bladestar the first eyetoy did video chats so i dont see why this one wont.

Biphter4134d ago

To have video chat with old mates back in UK (Even my mam uses it, and thats amazing as she's not the best with technology)

Its great, easy to start and you get a slick frontend on your TV. Shame it never really took off (Being initailly only available in Europe).

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