iPhone Will Not Remain Exclusive To AT&T, Many Rejoice

It's no question that AT&T has been extremely lucky to be the only US carrier for iPhone, but could their days of exclusivity be limited? As the CEO of AT&T said on Thursday at a conference in California, the iPhone will not be exclusive to AT&T forever. Quoted by CNET, Randall Stephenson said, "There will be a day when you are not exclusive with the iPhone." He refused to detail any information about the contractual agreement between AT&T and Apple.

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PS360WII2530d ago

whoo-hoo! ummm yeah I guess that's all I wanted to say ^^

njr2530d ago

I'm still switching to AT&T, T-Mobile just flat out sucks.

IzKyD13312530d ago

"T-Mobile just flat out sucks."

Even the T-Mobile CEO will tell you that

Sangria2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

Here in France, it appears that contracts with SFR (french equivalent of AT&T) include unlimited Internet browsing through iPhone but only if you remain in the country.

Is there such thing with AT&T? Do you pay an extra if you browse Internet with an iPhone outside of USA?

Crayon2530d ago

Yes, unlimited data is restricted to the country you get your iPhone from. I don't know about Europe, but I can't use the 3G or Edge(for a reasonable price at least) in other countries.

Mindboggle2530d ago

In the uk the iPhone is now coming to T-mobile and Orange :D

Blades082530d ago

Sounds to me when AT&T can't afford to shell out the billions required to keep it exclusive then it will be open for someone else to get exclusivity lol.......

Goldenarmz2530d ago

iphone is coming to Verizon next year. tho i could careless, cuz i dont use or want an iphone. HTC FTW!

Blink_442530d ago

I love my new iphone 3gs

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