Super Stardust HD and Snakeball to Launch on Psn.

Following our previous update on downloadable titles for the PS3, here's the latest on Super Stardust HD and Snakeball, which are set to launch on PSN in June and July respectively.

Info from the press releases follows


Super Stardust HD is a reinvigorated, High Definition version of the asteroid-blasting format that's been a classic since the early days of video arcade games.

Carve asteroids into chunks, smash them into tiny pieces, punch holes through them – just destroy them any way you can while avoiding the flying debris that results. Hordes of enemies, led by the evil Professor Schaumund, are on your tail – you'll need to clear these bad guys off the map as well.

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BlackIceJoe4132d ago

I hope the rumors of Super Stardust HD only coming out in Europe are not true I want to buy this game it looks like it will be great fun.

TriggerHappy4132d ago

The screens look impressive and the game looks fun as hell..can't wait to try thing when it hits.

techie4132d ago

you can map your face on the snake lol haha

TriggerHappy4132d ago

So basically the head of the snake will have your face ? or the background with where the snake moves around ?

techie4132d ago

the head of the snake! haha

Firewire4132d ago

Super Stardust HD looks cool! I'll probably give both a try!

Biphter4132d ago

Looking forward to that especially. It would be nice to see more old Amiga Classics revamped for PS3 too. Super Skid Marks anyone? Or Alien Breed? Those types of games would be great on PSN.