Crimson Skies may fly high again

Xbox360fanboy reports that in the April issue of OXM the Rumor Mole speculates about a sequel to semi-breakout hit Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge. The rumor fueling evidence on a sequel comes straight from developer Airtight Games' website.

It seems that on Airtight Games website they show off prototype images/videos that include objects eerily familiar to the Crimson Skies world. In addition to they say that "working with one of the industry's leading publishers on a major unannounced title".

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ASSASSYN 36o4223d ago

I can`t agree with you more bobby. This game was a hit despite the lack of appeal of flying games. That makes this the 4th installment after the board game on pc, flight sim (pc), xbox sim, and now 360. Time for flag runs through narrow buildings.

DrRage774223d ago

hopefully this is true...this game was one of my all-time favorites playing online on the original xbox. i still pop it in once in a while on my 360 to play..not many poeple left playing, but this came out like 2 1/2 years ago, so to find any is still a bonus :)

Diselage4223d ago

I made a mistake and didn't pick this game up until about a year after it's release and found out that I missed alot, most of the online had kinda died down by then and those who were left slaughtered me on sight. I just wish I would've gotten in on it from the bigging and i really would been able to enjoy this title.

no_more_heroes4223d ago

for a long time I wasn't sure if I was to get the first one, but when I did I was only upset that I didn't get it sooner. One of the first things I thought about was a next-gen sequel, because it still looked pretty (except for the weird lookin character models).

PhinneousD4222d ago

needs a great sequel. can't wait.