Pokemon Diamond & Pearl sell 1 million in 5 days

Nintendo have just announced that both the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Versions have sold over 1 million copies combined in just 5 days of going on sale in the United States. The rate of sale is higher then any other Pokemon game before it in the US.

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TriggerHappy4011d ago

And is going to sell even more.

VOOK4011d ago

Aussie have to wait till June to get the game, Europe who knows yet but looking at sales of Ranger its gonna be massive there.

overrated4011d ago

what in the blue fuk. honestly pokemon is old and shyte.

shysun4011d ago

I don't get it either....Pokemon is horrible.This guys will buy anything PM.Even if it's the same game for the last 10 years.

Robotz Rule4011d ago

I use to like pokemon but the games are o so repetative!,it's the same thing over and over and over!,but to complete the collection I just bought Pokemon Diamond for my DS two days ago,and guess what,NOTHING HAS CHANGED!,everything is the same,well besides new pokemon is all!

scarlett_rg4011d ago

Lol... referring to the Wii as a gimmick and that it won't last... someone on here yesterday just said:

"When I was in elementary I thought Pokemon cards were awesome and so did everyone else. Guess what? Pokemon is as dead as disco."

Now maybe he meant to say "Pokemon CARDS are as dead as disco"... but these numbers CLEARLY show that neither Nintendo nor Pokemon are dead.

I honestly don't see the appeal (especially after like 200 Pokemon versions)... but what do I know? All I know is that the doofus who said Pokemon is dead must like the taste of his own words.

lilwingman4011d ago

1 million in 5 days? Did anyone expect differently? The Pokemon games are huge.

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The story is too old to be commented.