Bruce Campbell and Chris Metzen Talk about Warcraft Film

Coincidentally, Bruce Campbell attended the San Diego Comic Con where Chris Metzen (Blizzard Creative Director) participated in a panel. The media asked both if Bruce Campbell would make a cameo in the Warcraft movie. Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell have been old friends since childhood, and the latter has worked on various movies and TV series directed by Raimi.

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Medievaldragon3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

Bruce Campbell could fit many roles: King Varian Wrynn, Bolvar Fordragon, Thrall (that chin is as good as good comes for an orc), Medivh, Lothar or Uther (in flashbacks), even Malfurion.

Would love to see this guy in a good role. But as Metzen said a CGI goblin voiced by him would do too. His slapstick comedy precedent in films, fits the goblins.

Maticus3062d ago

He should have a small role in the film, mind you - so should Chuck Norris :P

Hellsvacancy3061d ago

U cant mention him and Chuck Norris in the same sentance lol

PirateThom3062d ago

Bruce Campbell should star in the film.

II Necroplasm II3061d ago

Shop smart, shop S-Mart.

Ya got it!!!

shiner3061d ago

F-YEA he should! Are there boomsticks in WoW? Never played it, but god I hope so.

DirtyLary3060d ago

yup, boomsticks. But he'd have to be a huntard. :(

Myze3060d ago (Edited 3060d ago )

Everyone who is a fan of Bruce should watch Burn Notice if you don't already. It's an awesome show, and Campbell is a big part of that.

(edit: I see someone already mentioned the show below...oops, well, worth a second mention ;) )


Bruce Campbell should star as a hunter with the BOOM STICK!!! that movie would sold out dude!!

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dredgewalker3061d ago

I think he fits in a Warcraft movie. I really loved Army of Darkness because of Ash cause im so sick of goody goody heroes. I think he can pass for an older warcraft character since he's aged a bit.

miasma3061d ago

After playing Uncharted, I thought Bruce would have made a great Nathan Drake in a film, at least when he was younger like in the days of Army of Darkness. He's got the looks and the attitude...

blackpanther253061d ago

well i can see him as sully. Have u ever seen burn notice? its like almost the same character

miasma3060d ago

I can definitely see that too... Bubble ya.

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