Gamespot: Halo 2 graphics comparison Windows Vista vs Xbox vs Xbox 360

See the roll-over screenshots (Windows Vista vs Xbox) and video (Windows Vista vs Xbox vs Xbox 360).

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marison3956d ago

By: Sarju Shah and James Yu - Posted on Wednesday, Apr. 25, 2007

BUM3956d ago

The video is from 2005

marison3956d ago

but they added the Windows Vista now.

mr_steveo3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

Omg shock horror, now im looking outside my window. and theres a whole world out there to explore..... wow i never knew real life looked so real......WAIT what am i saying !!!!...*slaps self* rather compare 3 obviously cr*ppy screen shots against each other and start argueing that the graphics suck on a 3year old game.... :p thats spending my time wisely :P

Nintenuendo3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

Yeah, and then let's go complain about it on an internet forum! Is that your idea of "spending my time wisely"? You're right about one thing, there IS a big world out there!

Get over yourself.

Shake3956d ago

Hes right you know,I mean if you wanna see realistic things look out your window for god sakes....Or go outside and breath some fresh air!!Join a sport instead of getting pale by just staring at the tv and moving your thumbs.PLEASE TAKE A SHOWER!!!

mr_steveo3956d ago

*Get over yourself* is a word? lol cheers, didnt know that... learn something new everyday :p

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