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I didnt see the green light of Natal could it be an XBLA title? Or just simply fake?

jessehaysfl3066d ago

and coming soon Microsoft sports resort!

lociefer3066d ago

lol and ms was saying that home was last gen tech

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Kushan3066d ago

It's not Natal, if it was Natal then it wouldn't need that little power bar at the bottom of the screen, your power would just be your swing.

Mindboggle3066d ago

As a PS3 owner I do feel I am missing out on this stuff. I havent had a 360 since before the NXE and It looks like its gettign alot better...

Arthur_3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

Theres no indication that this is going to be a "Natal" game.
There are a few Avatar games available, and there are more to come.
This reminds me of Hot Shots golf for some reason.

@Locifer: what does HOME have to do with any of this?

cherrypie3066d ago

@1.1 "oh dear"

Right. because no one could ever want a inexpensive Xbox LIVE Golf Game with Avatar support. I'm pretty sure it will sell *VERY* well. Please, dont sound silly.

My thoughts?

This looks like the XNA Community Game Easy Golf.

XNA 3.0 Supports Avatars, and I imagine the Easy Golf Dev could easily put Avatars in Easy Golf with it.

So, not only is this A Good Thing, it's hardly a suprise.

Bitter Tears3066d ago

This is most likely Easy Golf from the Indie Games section, the developer has said that he will use avatars for future titles.

FamilyGuy3066d ago

It looks like Hot Shots Golf so I think it'll be a retail title, not xbla.

They said that more games with avatar support was coming so this isn't unexpected.

pixelsword3066d ago

...this would be it.

But still, that doesn't mean that it can't stand out on it's own; like how Heavenly Sword was very similar on the surface to GoW, but when you played the game, it was an entirely different feel and stood out on it's own.

kunit22c3066d ago

It doesn't have anything to do with Natal, you can hear someone using a controller. Although it seriously wouldn't surprise me if they copied Nintendo again anyway.

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KionicWarlord2223066d ago


Well at least it makes them more interactive .

navyguy213066d ago

What the hell are you doing to my 360??

kunit22c3066d ago

They are trying to turn it into and HD Wii. (in other words copy Nintendo)

The Meerkat3066d ago

Reminds me of Sensible Golf

Omega43066d ago


MS should have at least chosen a sport which isnt in Wii Sports/Resort

sack_boi3066d ago

Right, but at least it's HD, probably has online multiplayer and probably Natal compatible. Smells awesome to me.

YungXclusive2K93066d ago

Even omega admits what there doing. The biggest fanboy on this site no offense

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leila013066d ago

The only Troll I see here is you YungXclusive2K9.

Kushan3066d ago

What makes everyone so sure that it's Microsoft?
Could easily be a 3rd party game, hell it could even be an XNA thing as it has Avatar support.

LazyDevs3066d ago

Cause people on this site like to point fingers and ridicule stuff when they yet to have all the details. That my friend is what you call a true fanboy. Well my thoughts it looks boring and it doesn't look well done so i am going to guess it is a XNA game.

MegaPowa3066d ago

Of course cause it just has to have HD graphics or its just plain garbage >_> /end sarcasm ..asshole..

Nineball21123066d ago

@ Sack boi... "Smells awesome to me."

Dude... that is such a set up... But I won't. :D

N4Flamers3065d ago

yep basketball on the street half court would have been nicer. Natal b ball would be cool.

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Is that your own avatar on there Blaze929?

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