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Submitted by Blaze929 2320d ago | article

Leaked Xbox 360 Avatar Golf Footage -- Sign of "Xbox 360 Sports"?

From Xbox Evolved:

"New leaked Xbox 360 Avatar Golf footage offscreen. Details inside." (Project Natal, Wii, Wii Sports, Wii Sports 2, Wii Sports Resort, Xbox 360, Xbox 360 Avatar Golf)

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Mindboggle  +   2320d ago
Oh dear...
KRUSSIDULL  +   2320d ago
I didnt see the green light of Natal could it be an XBLA title? Or just simply fake?
jessehaysfl  +   2320d ago
and coming soon Microsoft sports resort!
lociefer  +   2320d ago
lol and ms was saying that home was last gen tech
YungXclusive2K9   2320d ago | Spam
Kushan  +   2320d ago
It's not Natal, if it was Natal then it wouldn't need that little power bar at the bottom of the screen, your power would just be your swing.
Mindboggle  +   2320d ago
As a PS3 owner I do feel I am missing out on this stuff. I havent had a 360 since before the NXE and It looks like its gettign alot better...
Arthur_  +   2320d ago
Ok ok ok...
Theres no indication that this is going to be a "Natal" game.
There are a few Avatar games available, and there are more to come.
This reminds me of Hot Shots golf for some reason.

@Locifer: what does HOME have to do with any of this?
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darkmurder  +   2320d ago
Thanks arthur!
cherrypie  +   2320d ago
@1.1 "oh dear"

Right. because no one could ever want a inexpensive Xbox LIVE Golf Game with Avatar support. I'm pretty sure it will sell *VERY* well. Please, dont sound silly.

My thoughts?

This looks like the XNA Community Game Easy Golf.

XNA 3.0 Supports Avatars, and I imagine the Easy Golf Dev could easily put Avatars in Easy Golf with it.

So, not only is this A Good Thing, it's hardly a suprise.
Bitter Tears  +   2320d ago
This is most likely Easy Golf from the Indie Games section, the developer has said that he will use avatars for future titles.
FamilyGuy  +   2320d ago
Not Bad
It looks like Hot Shots Golf so I think it'll be a retail title, not xbla.

They said that more games with avatar support was coming so this isn't unexpected.
pixelsword  +   2320d ago
Well, if the term "Mii too" ever applied to anything...
...this would be it.

But still, that doesn't mean that it can't stand out on it's own; like how Heavenly Sword was very similar on the surface to GoW, but when you played the game, it was an entirely different feel and stood out on it's own.
kunit22c  +   2320d ago
It doesn't have anything to do with Natal, you can hear someone using a controller. Although it seriously wouldn't surprise me if they copied Nintendo again anyway.
KionicWarlord222  +   2320d ago

Well at least it makes them more interactive .
navyguy21  +   2320d ago
OMG Microsoft..
What the hell are you doing to my 360??
kunit22c  +   2320d ago
They are trying to turn it into and HD Wii. (in other words copy Nintendo)
The Meerkat  +   2320d ago
Looks nice
Reminds me of Sensible Golf
Omega4  +   2320d ago

MS should have at least chosen a sport which isnt in Wii Sports/Resort
sack_boi  +   2320d ago
Right, but at least it's HD, probably has online multiplayer and probably Natal compatible. Smells awesome to me.
The Meerkat  +   2320d ago
Natal Golf?
Could be very dangerous.
YungXclusive2K9  +   2320d ago
Even omega admits what there doing. The biggest fanboy on this site no offense
sack_boi   2320d ago | Spam
YungXclusive2K9   2320d ago | Spam
leila01  +   2320d ago
The only Troll I see here is you YungXclusive2K9.
Kushan  +   2320d ago
What makes everyone so sure that it's Microsoft?
Could easily be a 3rd party game, hell it could even be an XNA thing as it has Avatar support.
LazyDevs  +   2320d ago
Cause people on this site like to point fingers and ridicule stuff when they yet to have all the details. That my friend is what you call a true fanboy. Well my thoughts it looks boring and it doesn't look well done so i am going to guess it is a XNA game.
MegaPowa  +   2320d ago
Of course cause it just has to have HD graphics or its just plain garbage >_> /end sarcasm ..asshole..
Nineball2112  +   2320d ago
@ Sack boi... "Smells awesome to me."

Dude... that is such a set up... But I won't. :D
N4Flamers  +   2319d ago
yep basketball on the street half court would have been nicer. Natal b ball would be cool.
KRUSSIDULL  +   2320d ago
Is that your own avatar on there Blaze929?
RockmanII7  +   2320d ago
Hope they make a decent baseball game for the 360.
The Meerkat  +   2320d ago
Natal Baseball?
Even more dangerous than Natal Golf.
I think I should start up a business making TV cages.

edit \/\/\/\/
Because Natal can map any object your holding and put it in the game.
Who's not going to use their own bats or clubs?
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PotNoodle  +   2320d ago

You're not holding anything, why would you need to protect your TV's?
poopsack  +   2320d ago

As far as I know, u can map ur objects textures onto objects in game, but not use them, that is Patented by Sony, again, as far as i know.
The Meerkat  +   2320d ago
Will the camera detect you are holding something and refuse to obey your command?
That would be a bit crap.
spikesld  +   2320d ago
Nothing New
It's just golf tee it up with avatar support. It is a fun game and it has live support, don't know if this would be compatibe with Natal who knows.
IronFistChinMi  +   2320d ago
That's exactly what it is, now with Avatar support. It's been on XBLA since July 2008.
kewlkat007  +   2320d ago
Oh man I wonder if they will advertise it
caffman  +   2320d ago
well If it comes out then yes
however on PS3 you know Sony would never advertise it in a month of sundays!
life doomer  +   2320d ago
Wow. M$oft has absolutely NO CREATIVITY!
-MD-  +   2320d ago

Apparently neither do you.
akashifire  +   2320d ago
The sincerest form of flattery is imitation :P
edhe  +   2320d ago
Maybe it's the golf game that's already out on xbla with an avatar patch?

clintos59   2320d ago | Spam
Rowsdower  +   2320d ago
all this anger
from seeing a 360 avatar playing golf. There have been a million golf games with cartoony graphics prior to the wii. In this case the cartoon character is one of our creation, but oh no its the end of the world. MS trash talk while conveniently forgetting that all three console makers rip each other off in terms of ideas, the list of them too long and boring to write.

Calm down, they are a company who try to make things that will sell.

i'm amazed that people get so pissed about games, remember that folks, just games.
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kesvalk  +   2320d ago
i agree, only because they showcased a golf game it don't mean they are copying wii sports...

they will, however, if they launch a pack of casually made sports games, or if the games comes entitled as "MS golf" or such...

anyway, it's nothing to fret about, whats wrong with copying the best selled game of gamming history?
PJF_Josh  +   2320d ago
Indie Game?
With Avatar support coming to Indie Games in the latest SDK isn't it possible that this is just someone's first stab at incorporating Avatars into their game? Did everyone just overlook that?
cherrypie  +   2320d ago
Looks like Easy Golf for Indy/Community games.

This game was classified by the community with the following category scores - Violence=0/3, Sex=0/3, Mature Content=0/3. Hit a hole-in-one with Easy Golf! Features: Create and share courses over Xbox Live, 8 player online matches, unlockable character accessories, player statistics, course records, weather conditions and much more! With a Metacritic score of 70, Easy Golf is one of the best values on the Marketplace. Golfers of all skill levels can have a blast with Easy Golf, so get in on the fun today. v1.3

EDIT @ 4.8 above

"Cause people on this site like to point fingers and ridicule stuff when they yet to have all the a true fanboy. Well my thoughts it looks boring..."

The irony knows no bounds. Pot, meet keetle. Sheesh, do you listen to yourself?
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Pizzagaki  +   2320d ago
Just an XBLA game with avatar support, move along folks.
SixAmpFuze  +   2320d ago
sounds good to me. 1vs 100 is great I could use a avatar gold or baseball game.That would be awesome.Picture playing baseball with your avatars and friends.
Xi  +   2320d ago
I doubt it's an xbla game.
It looks like what bigpark studio's is doing with joyride. All it seems to be is a golf game for your avatar, most likely a community game like 1vs100 and joyride, my guess is you'll be able to buy sets of clubs and stuff through microtransactions, and they'll have like weekly tournies for free prizes.

I just don't understand why people have a problem with it. It's a golf game, everyone has a golf game.

It's funny how no one on this site complains that home is a second life rip-off but the moment MS has a golf game their copying someone.
#17 (Edited 2320d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Greywulf  +   2320d ago
Uh, everyone calls HOME a second life rip off.. and a failure, and im sure I can find a "HOME IS DOOMED" article comparing it to second l...
so yeah.. nothing to see here.. keep moving on...

"if i wanted to watch movies, id buy a ps3 lol! I only GAME on my console!"
(enter netflix,facebook,all other non gaming functions)

(all home jokes)
"Lol why would I want to play virtual games and wait in virtual lines as a virtual person? ill be too busy playing Halo LOL!"
(enter avatars)
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ElementX  +   2320d ago
Why so much hate? They want to provide family entertainment. If you don't like it, don't buy it.
FantasyStar  +   2320d ago
I support games that make more use of the avatars I created. Nintendo started it, Microsoft is refining it. I hope Sony masters it. "hope". Deny it all you want, but playing as my own virtual avatar is quite cool!

*see RSV2*
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   2320d ago
People in here seem to be bashing MS hardcore over this golf game
calling it a Wii knock off...

1 thing I know for sure about this title, it'll get more play time than Wii Golf... because Wii's are back in boxes in the closet or traded in by now...

Mine hasn't seen the light of day since the week Madworld came out, and it was in the box months before that...

Fact is, this game of golf will see more gameplay than the crappy one most of you are refering it to!
omc_03  +   2320d ago
its not about sales or how many people play it, it's the fact that MS can blatantly rip off an idea from another company and call it their own... the lack of originality and innovation is quite pathetic, and instead of trying to push gaming forward, they are taking massive steps back with these acts
darthv72  +   2320d ago
been wondering..
when there would be more use for the avatars. The new kart racing game looks fun and 1v100 is a blast to play. There needs to something more to use these creations in. Casual sports games dl from xbla would be nice.
patterson  +   2319d ago
You know we all knew NXE was a direct rip off of the Nintendo Mii's but damn, I swear Microsoft really doesn't give a sh*t about company perception or anything. Just a soul-less money sucking me-too corporation that creates nothing. Things get made by charts and figures. It's all by the numbers. Bleh.
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2319d ago
NXE is the 360's operating system, google/yahoo/bing is your friend when you need to research.
doomteam1  +   2319d ago
I would buy this in a heartbeat
devilhunterx  +   2319d ago
M$ copies again.

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