Calling All Cars US release date revealed

Calling All Cars is set to hit the US PlayStation Store not this week, but on May 3rd.

Straight from the mouth of Jaffe himself, "Game (Calling All Cars) is NOT OUT TOMORROW. It is out May 3rd. I am very sorry about this but we're still in format, chasing a few bugs and we don't want the game out until it's bug free. But it WILL be out 5/3! I will let you guys know when it clears format."

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Scythesean4255d ago

TIMMY! Timmy! TimmMY! TiMMy! LibiLieLibiLi Timmy!

Shrek4254d ago

It's nice to see a game that takes the time to get it right. I would rather wait for a game if it is right rather then having a half game now.