5.84 Million Wiis Sold Worldwide

Nintendo has today reported fiscal year revenues of 966.5 billion yen and operating profits of 226.0 billion yen for the year ending March 31, 2007. This is an increase of 90 percent and 150 percent respectively, over the same period one year ago. The Revenues and profits reported are both record highs for the company.

The company has also announced that over the year more than 23 million Nintendo DS systems sold worldwide, with around 123 million Nintendo DS games. In total the Nintendo DS has now sold more than 40 million units.

The Wii is also performing well, selling 5.84 million units worldwide since its release around five months ago. Consumers have also bought almost 29 million Wii games.

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ITR4018d ago

Looks good.
Now give us a demo channel, extra storage, and more online games.

Blasphemy4018d ago

Wow Nintendo is raking in on the dough. I wish I had some money to buy into their stocks...

ER1X4018d ago

Looking forward to the 90787324878663454587676th remake of Mario.

Firewire4018d ago

Dude thats classic! lol

eclipsegryph4018d ago

Might I direct you to the following concept, sir.


Rooted_Dust4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

Can they maintain that sales rate though, with the lack of 3rd party developer support, and a game list suited to Kindergarden-Middle School kids. How long of a life span does this console actually have?

ITR4018d ago

THQ, Ubisoft, and EA all just made Wii dedicated depts just a month ago.

Nintendo gains Indi developers almost weekly now.

Many new games are getting Teen and Mature ratings.

thatdude4018d ago

i'm still not sure if i'm gonna get a wii, i'm waiting for a few Jap games to get translated

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The story is too old to be commented.