Xbox 360 Elite Preorders Tomorrow at Gamestop

Starting tomorrow, you can sign up on Gamestop's website to preorder the Xbox 360 Elite console. No word if the console will be offered by itself or with a bundle.

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zantetsuken4253d ago

"No word if the console will be offered by itself or with a bundle." You know damn well it will be bundled.

drunkpandas4253d ago

It is Gamestop, and they do have that as a history, but I'm trying to neutral in the situation :)

marionz4253d ago

i would pick one up but i would rather just buy a new HD-TV for now and stick to the 360 ive got
i will get one sooner or later though, one for the lounge & one in the bedroom sweet!


Xbox Premium: $399

Black spray paint: $1.79

Playing Halo3 while sony go bankrupt: Priceless.


seriously though, i have premium and i'm happy with the current high-def i get from component, so like ALOT of people, i'll just buy the 120 gb drive and get a couple of natty kewl-ass black controllers.


" and white, living in perfect harmony, like ebony and ivory..."

artman4253d ago

anyone get the elite first, please review here... just hope no more red light and other unexpected problem this time.

NextGen24Gamer4253d ago

I never had any problems with those....So I would assume the Elite when I pick it up on Sunday will be just fine. I can't wait to connect it via hdmi.

gta_cb4253d ago

why the hell do you own 6! i own 1! and that seems to be enough for me lol

razer4252d ago

And never had a problem with either one.. I assume you have 6 because either A) You are rich. B) You run some type of gaming establishment

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