Quick Warhawk Impressions

Kotaku posted Brian Crecente's first impression of his 20 min. romp with this highly anticipated game. Brian says "Thanks to some last minute shenanigans I only got 20 minutes or so with Warhawk today on the Playstation 3 debug during the first of what I hope will be many Warhawk Wednesdays."

Apparently once a week the devs of Warhawk are hosting a bunch of journalists in the game, letting them try out the multiplayer. Unfortunately, the game has no offline play, and no instructions, so everyone in the game is still trying to figure out controls, the map, the objectives, all that sort of stuff.

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Robotz Rule4251d ago

Ahh man!,I was really hoping for a Blu-Ray disc format!,but oh long as it delivers and it's fun,it is well worth the purchase:)

Diselage4251d ago

I didn't see that downloadable thing, i guess this isn't quite the game i thought it was going to be. First impression though is still looking decent though.

masterg4251d ago

It is the game you thought it would be.
The PS3 is going another direction with down-loadable games.
Its a full online game at half the price of a normal game.
I personally would rather pay half when I know 90% of the time I´d be playing only anyway.

Little Big Planet is also a down-loadable game. Set to arrive late 2007. Then released on blu-ray some time in 2008.

BlackIceJoe4251d ago

I hope that some how offline multiplayer can be added this game would be great with it even if you can only play against a couple people I still think that would be fun. Plus I do not play that many games online so I will most likely have to pass on this one awesome game if offline multiplayer is not added.

nix4251d ago (Edited 4251d ago )

i know this game is awesome.. but with no offline multiplayer or single player, i'm heart-broken.

but IMO this is where the CELL plays a vital role. online multi-player. we all know that CELL can talk to other CELLs and organise work... so everytime someone logs on to the network the "network" becomes more powerful thus computing more calculations. could this be the reason that R:FOM was able to support 40 players...? and we all know sony network already has more than 1 million subscribers.

EDIT: oh.. well. thanks nevertheless! (:

WilliamRLBaker4251d ago

I used to play delta force 1-2-3 and 4 and they supported more players i do believe.
The reason resistance supports 40 players *and it does lag, not much, but some people have talked bout it and its because of their own crappy connections* is because they use high quality servers and really good broadband connections...fiber optic...ect

A high quality server, and a super high quality connection for that server often makes all the difference in online games.

UrbanJabroni4251d ago

"we all know that CELL can talk to other CELLs and organise work... so everytime someone logs on to the network the "network" becomes more powerful thus computing more calculations"

no. Again, there is virtually no latency in the Cell or any other architecture...gigahertz means billions of instructions every second. Billions. So take the time it takes to compute the data necessary for output, add the time it takes to traverse a network (KILObytes per second), compute on another cell, traverse the network again and then calculate the new values, and several seconds _at least_ of gameplay will have already been completed.

Despite Kutaragi's inane comments, pretty much anyone with even a basic education in CS or EE can confirm that it makes _no_ sense to distribute processing _for games_ over a network. Sure, giant calculations where time is no issue, such as that seen with the distributed research, there is plenty of advantage.

With the millions and millions of calculations on multiple threads that it takes to draw a frame in a game, latency of a network makes distributed computing pointless.

Rybnik4251d ago

I know this doesn't really affect gameplay all that much, but does anyone know if there are maps with a different time of day, cause ever since this became online multiplayer only I've only seen the same dusk footage.

power of Green 4251d ago

I'v been trying to figure out why PS3 games look so drab?. Oh well its not like its a graphical game anyways; seems light enough to have some fun though animations are kind of last get.

nix4251d ago

i was thinking the same about the new HALO 3 videos and snaps!!! and specially the new halo2 and halo3 comparison screen! i mean same map???

ok.. i'm just talking like the POG above me - so if you guys think that i sound like a fool.... i owe it to you, dear ol' POG! q:

omfg_1114251d ago

you are so fixed on graphics?
you call yourself a gamer?

in my opinion a real gamer is more fixed on the gameplay! and i think wahrhak gameplay is more than fun.

and if u become nice graphisc too its a good think.

if u ask me... go play GoW it has AWESOME graphics ... and a gameplaytime for about 6 hours... have fun!

if it is that what u want... u got it! :)

spacetoilet4251d ago

She's an X-bot. Has tried to calm down lately but still clearly full of crap. Last gen? Er....ok.

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The story is too old to be commented.