New PixelJunk Game Shoots Up Comic Con

PlayStation LifeStyle: "New footage of Pixel Junk Shooter, taken at the currently on-going San Diego Comic Con, demonstrates a new, awesome weapon for the game, the Lava Cannon, and shows off the game's impressive fluid dynamics."

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DJ3311d ago

And trust me, this game is even better in co-op.

ps3gamerkyle3311d ago

This game looks like the best PixelJunk game yet.

tommy-cronin3311d ago

Eden was pretty cool but this could do better,they said the got a bit of a story to this one which could make it better or worse because the previous Pixel Junk games never had storys. I hope this game does good.

Scolar Visari3311d ago

Looks awesome. Can't wait till it releases.

DoucheVader3311d ago

This was a blast to play at E3...