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Submitted by meepmoopmeep 2319d ago | review

I Heart Zombie Review: Final Fantasy VII (PS3)

This game, like the other Playstation 1 games available on PSN, can be either played on your Playstation 3's hard drive or transfered to your PSP for on-the-go gaming. Which is excellent.

Final Fantasy VII has been touted as being the JRPG to break into the mainstream and introduce the genre to many, many new people. Before it, most JRPG's had been more of a niche market and after the release of VII the popularity of JRPG's skyrocketed. It brought with it more than just a 3D world and characters, it included many new innovations to the JRPG genre that could not have been done before it. From memorable musical score to mini-games that incorporate other genres into the main game, weapon/materia upgrading, to the story and remarkable characters and their fates.

It's not surprising that this is one of the best JRPG's to have ever been made. (Final Fantasy VII, PS3, PSP) 99/100

JasonBloodbourne  +   2319d ago
This was the first JRPG I played and it was one of my faves! gonna have to download it to play on my psp soon!
Knuxxx  +   2319d ago
as hard as I try I can't really find anything too bad to complain about this game. For a 10+ year old game to still be playable in todays genration it has to be good, and it is. However I do not agree with the price inflation of it being 4 times its original price. No game is that good. Its varied enough so its not too boring and (with the right materia) level grinding is a breeze. Not as addictive as chrono trigger, but its up there. Those who haven't played this I suggest getting it via PSN cuz its the best deal you'll find around
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