FEATURE: Girls Who Play

Meet the girls next door, real female gamers who will pwn you in your favorite video game...

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Contra264251d ago

PS3 fanboys would love to get in a room with her in the PS home..


BTW. she looks like a hooker

Karebear4251d ago

<hiii Carrrie>
I've been gaming and programming since 2nd grade. I'm surrounded by nerdy guys all day and just have learned to deal with their quirks. I've gone 4 days without gaming. My last game was Medieval on my PSP and I am Folding at Home.

Torch4251d ago (Edited 4251d ago )

Judging from your avatar, I simply thought you got a kick out of wearing skirts. Though, who am I to actually judge.

OK, come clean now: You're really a 48-year old, sweaty, hairy truck driver named Bob, aren't you? :-P

Karebear4251d ago (Edited 4251d ago )

LOL! No. I did play that old truckdriving game on the PC forever ago. I never saw the point of it. It took hours to drive from one place to another. The greatest thrill was when a bug hit the windshield or it rained and you got to use the wipers.

I find other women gamers on everything. Plenty of us on Resistance Fall of Man, and we were some of the best at SOCOM 2. BamaGirl if you see this CALL ME ! :)

I just think its amusing that guys tend to think that we're such a rarity. A lot of us just don't play with mic's or female avatars just so we won't get leg humped. Also I'm not so sure my BF likes some of the things we get into on RFoM in the voice chat >:)

Firewire4251d ago

God, these are 3rd rate catalogue models at best, pretending to be gamers!
Like these girls would dress like that if the camera's weren't there , and they weren't getting paid!
Not one of these girls has played crap! The site is trying to sell fantasies to little boys!

Diselage4251d ago (Edited 4251d ago )

There they go, my dreams are crashing and burning as we speak.

LET ME DREAM, let me dream

Diselage4251d ago

I know I havn't met a lot of gamer girls face to face but it seems like most like fishnet and having professional pictures taken while they're in their underwear.

Amazing, if i had only knew that each time I found a girl on Xbox Live that she was in her underwear with some fishnet on i probably wouldn't tell her that i wanted too.......nevermind.

Dragonopolis4251d ago

It is always the quiet ones. There was this girl that was pretty good looking even without fixing herself up (which she grunged most of the time - not in a bad way). Everybody thought she was shy (including me) but turns out she was just picky. Found out from her brother she loves to game (She was a fan of America's Army). Found out she was really smart, had a degree, and I guess was just chilling after school. All of a sudden this girl is going off to the FBI and is just finishing up their version of Boot Camp. WOW! what enforcement training will do for some women. Now she is has graduated to hot! and she is still a gamer.

While not in large numbers, female hotties as gamers certainly do exist. However, just like in the male side of gaming, tend to be an odd sort of personality or have different social taste from "the norm".

So sure, there maybe hotties but they are probably still nerds, geeks, or whatever inside. Probably attracted to others that fall into their respective categories as well. Perhaps, in 10 years the average male person and the average female person as gamers will be large enough numbers social gaming will take its place along with other forms of social get togethers. Until then, guess we'll have to rely on good old fashion social events..........

in other words.............

get off the freak'n couch suckers!