Blizzard Unveiling Starcraft 2 on May 19?

Evidence seems to be mounting in regards to Blizzard's next project. According to TeamLiquid's translation of this original Korean news article, StarCraft 2 will be officially unveiled on May 19th at Blizzard's World Wide Invitational (WWI) in Seoul.

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Daver4254d ago

boooo starcraft 2 i mean its a good game but wheres diablo 3 ?!

Xi4254d ago

does that ring a bell? c'mon blizzard.

Genki4254d ago

that Blizzard won't be releasing another Diablo for a long time, as that entire team behind those games separated from Blizzard to form Flagship Studios.

As far as SC2's about time, nearly a decade later. If the announcement is coming soon(although I really doubt it...I feel Blizzard gave up on this universe), then maybe we can expect the game within 24 months. Hopefully anyway.

Daver4254d ago

Hey btw what happenned to the game blizzard was working on the fps one why did they stop making it? to make it next gen game ?

Genki4254d ago

1. Officially, they said it was post-poned indefinitely(they were having troubles settling on a developer).

2. Through the grapevine I've heard that although the above IS true, that yes, they may be trying to focus on a next-gen platform.

Honestly though, I doubt number 2 holds much truth to it...these are the people that are notorious for numerous lengthy delays...and considering what happened to Warcraft Adventures...I wouldn't hold my breath for Starcraft: Ghost.

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