The Xbox 360 120 GB Hard Drive

Gamespy recently got their hands on one of Microsoft's 120 GB hard drive expansion kits for the Xbox 360. Current Xbox 360 owners who don't feel the need for HDMI but still want increased storage space have this option available for a retail price of $179. The package includes the 120 GB hard drive, a transfer device to import content from an existing drive, and the utility disk required to transfer the data. You are warned in the instruction manual not to use the drive before transferring your existing content, so files aren't just copied, the drive is formatted as well. You also won't be able to transfer the contents of multiple 20 GB drives onto a single 120 GB drive.

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WilliamRLBaker4251d ago

I dont get the abbility of not transfering data from multiple drives...but oh well...

THAMMER14251d ago

But for real I know it is content control.

eques judicii4251d ago

its not really copying... its moving a partition from the 20 GB to the 120 GB and then expanding that partition to 120 GB. If you do that again you will simply overwrite the previous partition.

Black Republican4251d ago

I want this but this is a damn rip off
I live in Canada and future shop has it priced for
$$$ 209.99
i think that is a joke, no thank you

rusgreim4251d ago

Why is it so many forum-goers here do not understand the basic math of an exchange rate?

$179.99 American Dollars is $200.63 in Canadian Dollars. So basically, you are paying $10 extra for the drive.

Black Republican4251d ago

"Why is it so many forum-goers here do not understand the basic math of an exchange rate?"

well why is at that so many forum-goers here are are smart clowns??

I do not understand the math huhhh

I understand math fine thank you, and I'm sure everyone knows that the price will be higher here in Canada for these types of products

what I said is that I live in Canada and future shop has it priced for $$$ 209.99
and then I said that is a rip off

so where in that post did you assume I know nothing of math and exchange???

209.99 for a 120gb xbox360 hard drive is a rip off

oh and stop trying to be a smart as5 you damn fcking clown

weekapaugh4251d ago

well at least we know which console is more expensive to own.

Black Republican4251d ago (Edited 4251d ago )

not entirely accurate:

1 - this is optional.

2 - the xbox360 elite that comes with the 120gb hardrive still cost less then a ps3.

it is hillarious how someone disagreed with what i said and all i said was completely ture lol

genericname4251d ago

i love my 360 but this is a total rip off. should of had a lower price point.

gta_cb4251d ago

i am probadly going to HOPE that my 360 breaks before the warrenty ends onit then hehe HOPE i get an elite as i know someone who had a core, it broke and had a premium sent back to them lol. or once my warrenty is up maybe trade it in for an elite, and by the time my warrenty is up it may even be cheaper *fingers crossed* unfortinatly my warrenty ends just before christmas, as MS was kind enough to give me 2extra months warrenty when i registered my 360 :D