Conference Wrap-Up - Virtual Worlds 2007: The Future Of Gaming?

How important will virtual worlds such as Disney's Virtual Magic Kingdom and Nickelodeon's Nicktropolis be for the future of the video game business? Gamasutra checked out a recent NY conference on the subject to divine the answers.

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DeadlyFire4250d ago

I have always thought of MMOs as the next big thing in gaming. They will one day rule over all other forms of games, becuase the gameplay in a MMO is massive and always dynamic. One day when we can go into a virtual Matrix and it look and feel like real life I will be in haven when games reach this stage. It will be like living life only in another world where you have special abilities and things walking around inside of the game world. Imagine playing Star Wars Galaxies 100 years from now in this type of game you plug up to and sleep and wake up inside the game with your very own lightsaber and force powers that you want or perhaps a Jedi isn't your thing perhaps you wake up and are as you pictured as a Bounty Hunter or something with your own weapons.

I can only wonder if the game can end like the Matrix though, die in the Matrix you die in real world. I really hope it doesn't get that connected to our brain, but who knows.

Owell enough with my dream.