IGN Video Review: Calling All Cars

Here is IGN's Video Review of Calling All Cars for the PS3 Network

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techie4248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )


ITR4248d ago

I just thought it was redundant thats all.

I usually just read the reviews and then click on the videos at the bottom.

I got reported today too.

techie4248d ago

well i like the video reviews...when new coverage comes out i usually like to do an ultimate post, with text review, embedded video, new screenshots etc...but was beaten to the written review today

Robotz Rule4248d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

Great vid review!,I can't wait till Calling All Cars hits the PSN store!,does anybody know when it's going to come out?,thanks in advance!

Anego Montoya FTMFW4248d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

splitscreen online multiplayer.

see ya online tommorrow.

PSN:anegomontoya (nospace between anego and montoya)

Torch4247d ago

Did you remove the space just recently, or have I been getting my MK-ass kicked by an imposter "Anego Montoya"???

sajj3164247d ago

get an online game for my PS3 and hit you up T0rchy! MK might also be a buy although I'm totally waiting for Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix.