Hot Shots Golf 5 - Japanese Trailer

Here's the new Hot Shots Golf 5 Japanese trailer for the Playstation 3.

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Kyur4ThePain3884d ago

I'd rather play this than Tiger Woods!

HuntingYou3883d ago

pepople say graphics don't matter, it how fun the game is. well i say they are wrong. I was watching G4TV today and they reviewd tiger for the wii and man it looks like crap. i think the ps2 or xbox had better golf graphics then the WII.
There is noway i could play that game, its an eye sore. I know the "fun" part of the game matters a lot but its hard to put up with black and white when you've seen color.

PS360WII3884d ago

Hot Shots has been near and dear to me heart for some time. Last version I played the heck out of was for PSP and that's to long to go without a new version to play ^^

Those lobby avatars seemed intresting I guess

neogeo3883d ago

get the demo from the Japan PSN. Its a free 3 level download.
lots of fun