Exclusive Halo 3 Preview

Microsoft has sent out a press release today. The message mentioned "Save the Date - Friday, May 11th, 2007. Join us for an exclusive preview of Halo 3". Apparently the press event will be held at New York and San Francisco.

What do you think it could be?

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kingofps34044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

Well, okay whats up? when are you comin out anyway (Sep,Nov,?)? Take the advice stay out of the KILLZONE.

The BS Police4044d ago

Because everyone who isn't ignorant knows that Halo will be more succesfull than Killzone.

Rybnik4043d ago

Actually, what is ignorant is to assume something will not succeed when in truth there is ZERO evidence one way or the other. It sounds like the earliest we can even form an idea of how well KZ PS3 will do will be in July. Now, I would be incredibly surprised if KZ PS3 sells more copies than H3, however I would not be surprised at all if KZPS3 sells really well. Time will tell. OH and according to PSU KZ PS3 won't even drop till' 2008, so if that is the case this argument is mute.

THAMMER14043d ago

WOW next you will try to convince people that douche bag is the best cologne/or breath freshener on the market.

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The BS Police4044d ago

I hope its a new trailer, and of course the release date.

chitown4044d ago

i dont care wat anyone says : master cheif is the coolest main character ever

ben hates you4044d ago

master cheif is pretty good i hate when people go ahead and say well the story is not original i just wanna say does that mean its bad i love the covenant and flood and! the marines

nicodemus4044d ago

I want to see HD gameplay of one of the polished boards---not some low-res footage leaked from Zanzibar that everybody's going to complain about...

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The story is too old to be commented.