Price Drop! Dead Rising Now $39.99

Price Drop!

Dead Rising is now available for $39.99! This is one of the notable early Xbox 360 releases that is worth picking up if you haven't already!

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Robotz Rule4253d ago

For anybody who hasn't picked this game up already!,I got it last year and it's tight.Love killin' zombies:)

donscrillinger4253d ago

i had it when it 1st came out and i've herd that capcom will add an co-op online if that happened ill fasho go back and get this game its truly fresh

silent ninja4253d ago (Edited 4253d ago )

other than bad controls its great game very addicive

ReconHope4253d ago

this is more like advertising than news.

FCOLitsjustagame4253d ago

I am playing this game right now after someone loaned it to me. He loaned it to me previously but my first reaction was I didnt like it at all. But then one day after I gave it back I got the urg to mindlessly beat the crp out of zombies, its like I was infected with zombiehunter virus or something, anyway he loaned it to me again.

I decided if I ignore all the missions the game can fun. I dont know how doing escort mission after escort mission would be fun though. Anyway got ending B and then c and will try main mission only. The mindless bashing can be addictive so I figured I would pick the game up when it got cheaper (just to have around to bash zombies during downtimes when no other games are out). But $40 for a game thats been out a while? $40 is what I used to pay for new games. Where is my $20 (ok maybe $30) platinum price?

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