High-Res Tekken 6 Screenshots

These are from the E3 teaser movie, though most you have seen some of these before CVG posted them today so I guess these are of a better quality than the previous ones.

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Wotbot3740d ago

Not too sure about the graphics. Some pic's look good with the shadowing and others look all right, nothing special.

Need to see more

da 363740d ago

we got them this time these screen shots are a$$.

Gamer133740d ago

Graphics are no better than DOA 4.

bernie3740d ago

At least DOA4 screens were taken from actual gameplay, these are from the "Hi-res" trailer, god knows what the actual game looks like.

MONTY 1873740d ago

they look worse to me!!

da 363740d ago

it should'nt look this bad considering how good it looked at E3 how are they going backwards. Is this game coming out on xbox1?

jib3740d ago

i think they're gameplay. i actually liked tekken. these screenshots disappoint me

da 363740d ago

for what? blueray? graphics?

Gamer133740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

Taken 6 was at E3 2005 and the trailer they show to us was not ingame, now its 1 year later and this is all they can show us - screenshots that looks worse than DOA 4, but they might make big improvements before it comes out-hopefully.

This is a link to DOA 4 ingame Screenshots.


i love tekken but to me it looks like ps2 graphics....

da 363740d ago

makes me wonder how killzone is going to look.