Halo 2 vs Halo 3 Screenshot Comparison

Side-by-side screenshot comparison of Halo 2 and Halo 3 for the Xbox 360.

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eques judicii4255d ago (Edited 4255d ago )

IMHO -- that the beta feed was from the beta running at 480i. The interlacing is much to spaced out to be 1080i and the screen format looks 4:3 (which is typical of a SDTV not HDTV)... so, i'll wait for true HD feed from the Beta.. namely, when i'm playing it.

although, i do think it looks better... but the leap in quality cannot be judged to easily.

Wargasm4255d ago

Man the motion shots look so bad because they are obviously both interlaced... which really goes to show you why progressive scan is better.

dantesparda4255d ago (Edited 4255d ago )

But this sh!t looks fvcking weak! barely better than part 2, and stop making excuses, y'all sound pathetic doing it. You pathetic sweating bastards! WEAK!!!

Part 2 looks better for its time and system. And @ "Firewire" I also liked part 1 better than part 2. I felt that part one was harder and the boards longer, and i felt like i accomplished a something after i beat the game. Part 2 while looked better, just wasnt the same to me, not bad, but just not as good to me

And P.S. y'all know this looks disappointing, dont front

Skizelli4255d ago

Since when was Halo ever about graphics? The graphical difference between Halo 2 and 3 is much broader than the difference between Halo 1 and 2. Halo 3 looks leaps and bounds better than Halo 2. At a noob's glance, you won't be able to tell this. I played the crap out of the first two. 3 has way more detail than 2. As many people have said, Halo has its own graphical style. Why change it? It's not aiming to look like Gears of War or Crysis. If all you people care about is graphics, you should quit playing video games.

God of Gaming4255d ago

Lets wait until we can see H3 in its full finished glory in HD, then we can have side by sides like this. Otherwise we are looking at a old build of a map that will not see the light of day till the Fall. Even at that you can see its far above what H2 is but imagine it in full HD.

gta_cb4255d ago

i agree and remember guys this is a beta, and its gameplay then graphics

PS3 Owns All4255d ago (Edited 4255d ago )

Looks the same to me. Slightly better Halo 3 is than Halo 2. Not
a huge jump. The only thing extra they will have is special effects.

BUM4255d ago

"Even at that you can see its far above what H2 is but imagine it in full HD."

This is exactly why I was posted comparison.

Capt CHAOS4254d ago

This looks great, The true test will be the final release, but you can see the little attention to detail they have paid and they will all add up to a very polished product. Can't wait!

MoonDust4255d ago

Let's wait for a finish version. This map is not even going to be in the Beta.

Rooted_Dust4255d ago

Looks like they're paying more attention to the environments than anything else, good thing too, Halo2's looked like something out of GoldenEye.