Sonic Can Return To His Former Glory

Gaming Union writes "Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the most venerable characters in the video games industry, but recently many believe the quality of his games has suffered.

Some have even called for Sega to discontinue the series, but many just wish things would return to how they were. Afterall, in the 16-bit era, Sonic was the king of his domain. Some believe that Sonic Team are taking a step in the right direction, including composer for the Sonic franchise, Bentley Jones"

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ALoneWolves3255d ago

Sweet, hopefully we can get something as awesome as Green Hill Zone in the next game XD

GWAVE3255d ago

Sonic Team is the one that keeps screwing the franchise up. Believe it or not, there have been some decent Sonic games in the last few years, but they were all on the DS (the Sonic Dark Brotherhood RPG and also there are two "traditional" 2D Sonic games on the DS that are good).

ChickeyCantor3255d ago

Some people seem to forget that the American vision of sonic was different from the Japanese vision of sonic.

America wanted sonic to be in this alien type of world (like we know them on the genesis/megadrive) but in japan sonic and planet earth were already established with the first games(the same games we know from the genesis/megadrive)...i know sounds weird.

So Sonic Team emphasized on the whole "EARTH IS IN DANGER bladi bladi blah" and it went downhill from then.
Sure Adventures 1 was actually good...but where is the chess-board like green hill zone like we know it?

ShawnCollier3255d ago

Hopefully it isn't like SA2 where it was a royal pain in the rear to unlock. :P

darthv723255d ago

I would actually like to see a game with elements like super paper mario. I like the 2d side scrolling with a twist of 3d for new areas to venture in. Not in the same vein as mario (all flat paper look) but more traditional sonic. Like the polygonal days of sonic 1 but at any moment you could change camera angle to see if there are hidden paths to trek.

It might not be original but it could be fun.

Actually the best representation I can think of would be the RType remake on xbla. You can play old school side scrolling but hit the button and presto...psudeo isometric 3d. NICE!

somekindofmike3255d ago

@ darthv72

just me being picky but...

polygons make up 3D models, and were not used in original megadrive sonic games, what you mean was 'sprites'

As for the artcile, 'sonic can return to his former glory' all I can say to that is obviously! there is no reason why Sonic Team couldn't get there act together and create a decent sonic game, even if involved hiring a whole new proven talented team.

But I feel Sega are quite happy creating sonic games on a budget and milking the series, I'm not saying they aren't trying, but Sega aren't the same Sega of old, they don't have the same resources they use to, if they were to make a big budget sonic game, with a new all star team of proven developers, and it didn't succeed commercially, then they would be in a lot of trouble, from a business sense. It's sad, but it appears Sega aren't the same risk takers / innovators they use to be, at the moment they are concentrating on surviving.

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Selyah3255d ago

Would be cool to see Sonic return to his former glory.

mephman3255d ago

Definitely. They should take a leaf out of Capcom's book.

Selyah3255d ago

Yeah, that wouldn't be such a bad idea.

ShawnCollier3255d ago

I'd really love to see a 2D next-gen Sonic. With the graphical technology, they could make one hellva nice looking 2D sonic w/ it.

live2play3255d ago

is that they shud let nintendo have a crack at sonic. im just saying that many times when you have vet developers of the same character in this case sonic they want to go new directons instead of a 'been ther done that' situation. if a new team handles it they dont wanna mess up what was once great so they stick with the old formula. i read somewhere that myamoto said in an interview, someone asked him why they included old retro music like in toytime galaxy, he said theat was the new team the old team wants to do something new and the new team sticks with the old

mephman3255d ago

That wouldn't actually be such a bad idea. Either that, or they could look at how Nintendo are trying to re-invent the Metroid franchise.

sam22363255d ago

I'd love to see a Bionic Commando: Rearmed-style remake of the MegaDrive games, that would be awesome!!

mephman3255d ago

Someone should make an online petition. :p

Selyah3255d ago

Indeed, and as far as petitions go it wouldn't surprise me if theres already been one if not more.

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