Price Hike at PlayStation Store

Classic PlayStation gaming through the PSP and PS3 just got a bit more expensive over in Japan. Along with the ability to at long last play Game Archive titles on the PS3 comes a higher download price for all Game Archive games old and new.

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brianodom3801d ago

they got the cheaper system anyway, so why does it matter...

techie3801d ago

they were introductory prices...same for UK :( il miss out on the cheap prices

Firewire3801d ago

Deep when are you gonna get a PS3? I feel kinda sorry for you! We should start up a "Get Deep a PS3 drive" or something! I got $5 canadian to give you!

techie3801d ago

il set up my paypal :)

ITR3801d ago

Did the US get introductory prices?

The Real Joker3801d ago

but we have got Michael Jordan.

SmokeyMcBear3801d ago

buy buy buy... buy now before its too late.

Sphinx3801d ago

free online service somehow.

Babylonian3800d ago

So you pay for BXL $60 a year but all the content is free......

Upping the price isn't good at all but it's better than to pay for getting online AND the contents.

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The story is too old to be commented.