Time to choose sides with two versions of DS Transformers

As monumental choices between good or evil, Autobot or Decepticon hardly ranks alongside Coke or Pepsi, let alone Allies or Nazis. Still, that will be the decision facing those who want to buy a copy of the DS game based on the forthcoming live action movie version of Transformers.

Which version you choose will affect the game you get to experience, with the sainty Autobots protecting the earth while the sneaky Decepticons set out to trash it. And as well as affecting the different Robots in Disguise you get to play as, each game will have exclusive levels – with Antarctic locations in Transformers: Autobots and deserts in Transformers: Decepticons.

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Robotz Rule4252d ago (Edited 4252d ago )

Autobots!death to the Decepticons!!!!!:):D

Die Decepticons!,DIE!!!!!

Raistlin4252d ago

Decepticons, transform!

eclipsegryph4252d ago

...Maximals, MAXIMIZE!

So I'm obviously buying the Autobots version. :p

BIadestarX4252d ago

destruction to the AUTOBOTS! Also, their human friends! Decepticons! Decepticons!