Hot Shots Golf 5 Online Details Emerge

The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu has revealed some details on the online features of Hot Shots Golf 5 for the PS3.

The online lobby will hold up to 50 players, and each player can customize their avatars from a set of characters and items such as golf clothing and gears. The online service will be available free of charge from day one of its release in Japan.

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XxZxX4018d ago

sweet online hotshot golf is always cool.

PS360WII4018d ago

Yes indeed it's a good thing. Hopefully matches are easy to get into and not to many people take bathroom breaks in the middle of a 18 hole stroke play match...

MikeMichaels4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago ) could play 50 person games as well. Basically you could set a timer for how long a player has to finish each hole.

If you didn't finish any hole within the time you were kicked out for the game.

So piss before you join.

Frulond4018d ago

This one should be fun online :) looking forward to it

bigmack4018d ago

when is it gonna be online?

Sevir044018d ago

the very day it releases in japan it will be online... and most likely it will be online when it drops in the US around september- october.... sounds cool. I've never really played a Hot Shots Golf game before maybe the PS3 release will be the time i get in. It seems like Sony istruelly showing us how much more important online is in the Gen of Gaming.just about every game has some online component. weather it be leather boards, and statistics, or online gaming matches it's all there in some form or another. which is a great sign for the ps3 this time around... I cant wait to see what developers are going to do with the HOME Service this october... especially with all the Trophies that Sony will definately be blostering with there own titles... thats awesome.. i think i'll pick this game up on it's US release

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