The 360 is Following a Strong Roadmap

It is extremely clear that when Microsoft was planning the life of the 360 they thought long and hard about the ways to provide a complete package to the consumer and how to deliver that package over the lifetime of the console; Microsoft designed a roadmap to secure a solid footing in the consumers' living room.

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Silver3604252d ago (Edited 4252d ago )

I like the touching on every aspect. even the hardware problems.It is also a shocker that the 360 has more games rated 8.0 or above than the PS3 has games. Wow !!

People let it go I have had my 360 since launch. Left it running for days at a time playing oblivion for two months never a problem. Let it go people.

DJ4252d ago

5 months of market presence vs. 17 months of market presence. It's shocking that Xbox 360 has more games, right?

FirstknighT4252d ago

Well the first 5 months of the 360 and it already had a huge amount of high rated games. The ps3 only has a handful. The 360 had 3 games that cracked the 90 average (which in my book is called AAA) The ps3 only has 1(an year old 360 game). The 360 had one of the best launches in history, the ps3 had one of the worst. So if you compare the first 5 months of the 360 and the ps3 in games, the 360 easily kills the ps3.

freeza4252d ago

thought long and hard an than got the 3 red lights

ASSASSYN 36o4252d ago

If all you sony whine boys have to cry about is the 3 lights then by all means continue. There isn`t a thing you can say about the games (even on ps3 cause there aren`t any) or the performance of xbox-live. Xbox 360 gamers are in the sweet spotlight of a hardcore gaming platform and have the resources, games, and technology to proceed well to the next xbox console. AndI gaurantee you there are plenty of failing ps3 consoles. You may not hear about them because there isn`t over 11 million ps3`s sold.

Oh we will keep waiting for the ps3 to come around we all know it`s coming. /sarcasm/

mr_steveo4252d ago

We know 360's now...... but how many Ps3 games are 8.0 or above? and how many Wii titles are 8.0 or above?? I havnt read many review mags recently to know?
cheers :)

techie4252d ago

10 ps3 games

4 Wii games

mr_steveo4252d ago

Get a star/point for that :p wouldnt know which ones tho? im surprised only 4 wii games tho!
Ta :)

techie4252d ago

You gotta remember tho...a lot of the high scoring 360 games are on the ps2 as well. I don't know how many games that have been released on the 360...150? So it's about 45/150 over 80...whereas PS3 is 10/30 or something...not too certain on that. So we'll have to wait until more games come out.

PS3 games: Oblivion, Resistance, VF5, NBA Homecourt, FNR3, Motorstorm, Tiger Woods, COD3, VT3, Marvel

Wii games: Zelda, WarioWare, Madden, Trauma Centre

BenzMoney4252d ago

...a lot of the high scoring PS3 games are also available on 360.

In short, you have no point.

JOLLY14252d ago (Edited 4252d ago )

took the typing right out of my fingertips!

^^come on you know that's funny and deserves bubbles.^^

techie4252d ago

no dude the point is they are last gen games. Eg. burnout, tomb raider. That's my point.

kewlkat0074252d ago

Stop living in the past, stick to the PS3 vs Xbox 360 game scoring comparisons.

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Black Republican4252d ago

after all the hating from fanboys

the x360 when it's said and done is a very good gaming console

i think the most crucial and of course biggest problems were that they did have alot of hardware failures and that like he said they had to make patches for patches

i believe that they should implament better testing for their games and console hardware next time around, because something was very wrong with the consoles

I bought my x360 at launch and I am on my 3rd one now, and no it is not because of me -> I have been gaming since Atari and this is the first time I ever experience a console breaking down (yet alone 3 damn times)

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