Band Hero trailer released, non-sexy people not allowed to play

"For a while now, we've been asking ourselves "How different can Band Hero really be from Guitar Hero?" With today's release of the first trailer for the game, we have more answers than simply "Uh, the word 'guitar' has been replaced by 'band'." Specifically, the video lets us know that the game will feature a decidedly pop rock packed song lineup, to, y'know, make it more appealing to the mainstream ('cause Guitar Hero's soundtrack is so elitist)."

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Salvadore3284d ago

Milk that cow dry Activision, milk it while you still can.

rawrockkillz3284d ago

Let's see how many Guitar Hero games have came out this year alone?
The only difference I see is possibly 2 mics at a time and a slightly different music style. They couldn't just incorporate this into Guitar Hero 5?

MasterChief36243284d ago

There is absolutely nothing different about this game than Guitar Hero 5. It's the same thing, with a setlist catered to the more group kind of crowd.

You can play multiples of the same instrument on Guitar Hero 5. Nothing special.

Man. Activision is running their name into the ground with every passing day. Nowhere to go but up from here, I suppose... *Activision announces Guitar Hero: Prince (The 'We Paid Him Boatloads of Money' Edition)*... Oh, never mind- NOW there is nowhere to go but up.


squadass993284d ago

people will still buy this "game" and activision will pull a COD(insert sequel number here) and charge alot of money for something that is worth around £20.

and Activison proves day by day that they truely have no originality or decent game ideas. big round of applause for pressing CTRL+C and CTRL+V.