Katamari coming to mobiles complete with tilt controls

On paper, console hit Katamari Damacy sounds pretty unexciting; roll a ball around large environments collecting all manner of household trinkets as you go, and so increasing the size of the ball. In practice however it is direct, addictive, gratifying and most of all hugely entertaining.

Now mobile gamers will also have the opportunity to be charmed by the ravings of the mad as a hatter King of All Cosmos and his thimble-sized son, as Namco Bandai has just announced a full-on 3D version of the game for mobiles. What's more, it has tilt controls.

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ITR4016d ago

If they can do it for cells then why not the Wiimote??

They actually said that was the hard part about bring Katamari to the Wii.

Now that answer just sounds like complete BS.

...I wanted this game for the Wii.

Armyless4016d ago

A game based on thousands and thousands of scattered, mismatched objects and you "maze" your way up through them as your grow over time... meh... on a phone it might be missing that "wow" factor.