New The Darkness screenshots

Nine new screenshots from The Darkness.

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Violater4248d ago

On the fence with this one, I think I'm more looking forward to Dark Sector.

SmokeyMcBear4248d ago

pics look good.. except for the weird old guy wearing the varsity jacket.

techie4248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

looks good. ...where that game Cyber...something, Cyber Stealth or I dunno...that looked really cool.

techie4248d ago

yuh that's it! That sounded reallly good...i was excited about that one...seems to have faded into the background a bit.

Rooted_Dust4248d ago

I really want a game that can build up the suspense and then scare you enough to want to play with the lights on.

techie4248d ago

And that game is called ManHunt

Rooted_Dust4248d ago

That game didn't scare me, it just made me feel dirty.

techie4248d ago

Not even the amazing voice acting? What about in the mental asylum?

You play it with a headset where he speaks to you through it...he was creepy.

InMyOpinion4248d ago

Try Condemned instead. ManHunt is all about having fun lol!

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Quicksilva4248d ago

I think this developer can do no wrong. In my opinion Chronicle of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay was waaay ahead of its time when it was released. It played like a nex gen game only it was.. well, last gen :P.

Anyway.. Does anyone else think that the hand gestures that npc's will do in this game when talking to you will not make them so much more believable. Something small like that I think will have a big impact on the game :)

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