Sony job cuts detailed

News breaking earlier this month that Sony Europe was laying off 160 staff has now been followed by details on the SCEE development studios affected by the cuts.

Reported on developer blog Inner Bits, Sony Liverpool (Wipeout, Formula One), Sony Cambridge (24: The Game, Primal, GhostHunter, MediEvil) and Sony London (The Getaway, Home, EyeToy, SingStar) are the studios hit.

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Anego Montoya FTMFW4130d ago

this is because the software will begin speaking for the system.
and to save some $$$.

all this news seems lie it`s leading up to a ps3 price drop.

ITR4130d ago

I think thats all you ever say.


ITR4130d ago

I think thats all you ever say.


kewlkat0074129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

You keep pointing out to a price cut, when there really is no price cut to speak of. I'm sure if you were the one being cut you would be singing to a different tune.

Job Cuts or downgrading are always a sure sign of negative profits or at least things are not going as smooth as they would like to. If you trying to save money then your probably loosing a lot of it somewhere along the way.

Keyser4129d ago

Gotta disagree with you Kewlkat007 (without actually pressing the "disagree" button). Cutting jobs is not always a bad thing and most companies due it to trim fat. Sony is a Japanese company that is removing waste from it's company. If you have 158,000 employees there is a good chance that with a close look at your processes you can stand to lose quite a few employees. Big companies often have extra layers or two people who do the same job and it's not necessary. Using Lean principles and methods reducing unnecessary manpower is essential for the progression of the company.

In short, it could be a good thing. 160 out of 158500 is less than 1%. It's just good house cleaning.

I make my living by doing this for companies.

Bill Gates4129d ago

Montoya, just ignore these fools, they don't see the big picture in how the gaming industry is reshaping itself, and how Sony has been restructuring itself for the past couple of years to survive the next wave of technology. Sony has been in business for a VERY long time. Other companies have come and gone, while sony keeps pushing forward. M$ only dreams of being in business 4 as long as Sony has.

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techie4130d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

I posted this breakdown last week.

Here it is...and a much better breakdown than this one.

gta_cb4130d ago

hmmm i seriously am wondering why there are jobs being cut! now SERIOUSLY i am NOT having a dig at the PS3, but with news of the PS3 doing soo... well it doesnt make sense to cut jobs and make it look like the PS3 isnt giving them enough money or something... i am a little bit confused so like i said i am NOT having a dig at the PS3

(i just have to let everyone know as it seems these days like there are fanboys WAITING for an opportunity to have an argument :( really is sad)

smeg0rz4129d ago

Job cuts are not nice for anyone.. but sometimes they need to be done in order to streamline procedings.

Violater4129d ago

The PS2 is still bringing in a crap load of money. 160 people for a company worth Billions is not a big deal.
But b/c its Sony the press breaks out a microscope and dissect it.

old but still puts things into perspective

Big business often requires such things.

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