New Gran Turismo PSP Trailer Reveals More Cars, Tracks

Watch carefully, and you'll see the new Corvette ZR-1 and lots of new footage from the Nurburgring Nordschleife.

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Nitrowolf23256d ago

i cannot wait for this
psp is getting more and more support now,

Narutone663256d ago

be so broke this year. This and UC2:AT is coming out this October is great for us gamers but not so great for our wallet. Maybe if I could feed my family noodle for a few months, I could buy all the games I want.

wotta3256d ago

So many good games on the way, I love my PSP.

Max Power3256d ago

a new article for every new car spotted on GT PSP, then its going to be annoying.

phalanx_mark3256d ago (Edited 3256d ago )

the geometry in the car models and environments is incredible for a handheld just staggering but to get the graphics this good they've reduced the car count to 4 per race which is a shame i would have preferred at least 6 also its 60fps but thats worth it! this game looks better than GT4

Narutone663256d ago

pictures won't convince us. How about posting an actual pics and not a dumb down low res pics? Still looks better than Forza 3 to me.

pppppeach3256d ago

"pictures won't convince us" you ps3 fanboys will not get conviced by anything. I lol much on this site. I love to see ps3 fanboys bend every bad comment about the ps3/sony on this site it's entertaining :)

Ilikegames763255d ago

just dumb and bad at trolling. Seriously, is that you pp? Looks like you're down to two bubbles.
Try posting an actual pics and not a dumb down version of the game.

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