JAKKS Extends Namco TV Games Deal

JAKKS Pacific today announced that it has agreed an extension to its contract with Namco Bandai allowing it to continue developing TV games products based on arcade titles like Dig Dug and classic franchises such as Pac-Man.

JAKKS produces plug and play gaming systems equipped with classic titles. The systems themselves don't come in the form of a console and the games don't run off discs or cartridges – one single controller which connects to TVs via A/V jacks houses all the games.

John Ardell, senior vice president of marketing-interactive products, JAKKS Pacific said, "For the past four years, Namco's ultimate classic arcade games have been an incredible asset to the growth of this line for JAKKS. To date we have sold more than 15 million units based on Namco's top-selling franchise and look forward to at least another three year-run with the titles."

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PS360PCROCKS4135d ago

I have to approve this because their is already a story about "who's buying this crap" and this is the number one crappiest thing, lol how perfect this timing is...same day and everything!