A New Way To Do Your Duty

IGN points out that the debut trailer will apparently be aired during the NFL draft on ESPN. Little is known about Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare at the moment, but the game looks set to transfer combat operations from WWII to the modern battlefields our soldiers face today.

Look for the worldwide debut of the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare trailer Saturday, April 28 on ESPN at 10 am Pacific Time / 1 pm Eastern Time during the NFL Draft.

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PS360PCROCKS4016d ago

Are you serious? 8 AM? If your cliche a gamer is a 17-24 yr old lazy ass who sleeps all day and is up all night, who the hell gets up by 8 AM? lol I'll be recording this program. Plus it's Saturday, hello I'm going out Friday.

The Real Joker4016d ago

Do you have to go out Friday night? Maybe staying in and playing monopoly, drinking milk, and going to bed at nine would be an idea. I don't know though..I am just a nappy headed ho.

PS360PCROCKS4016d ago

Yes, yes I do I have a rep to keep up. What's funny tho is the "Playing monopoly, drinking milk and going to bed at nine" is probably what my roommate would say about me, lol. I'll be working out and drinking milk and water and he's over their going through a 24 pack. Haha but point is, I got ladies to see so yup I'm going out Friday.

Firewire4016d ago

I realy think this is a good move, bringing Call of Duty to modern times. I was realy getting sick of the franchise. The first one was awesome, the second game made me feel like they should of changed it up a bit more. The third one made me feel like "I'd played this game already"! I have truly gotten sick of this franchise.
But if they bring it to modern times with the same awe inspiring graphics & action, this will give a new life to the franchise. Lets hope they can make the change without any hickups in weaponry or level design.

kamakazi4016d ago

ill admit it even im getting tired of WWII games :( and i love the history of WWII, but the change with call of duty should be a good one. i work saturday morning :( atleast my bro will be able to see it, lol if he can sit through the NFL draft..........not the biggest football fans here :)

zonetrooper54016d ago

Can't wait for the trailer, i hope they take their time on this Call of Duty, CoD3 was very short an CoD2 wasn't as long as i wanted it to be. I also wanted a CoD set in Vietnam.

GameOn4016d ago

yeh m8, i would def prefer a CoD based in vietnam rather than modern day.

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