Crysis will make you "sh*t your pants!"

Crytek boss Cevat Yerli has promised that its hotly anticipated first-person shooter Crysis will feature major shocks and scares in addition to the glorious action we've all drooled over.

And where will the brown-trouser moments come from? Our encounters with the alien menace invading Earth, that's where.

There has been a fair amount of alien vehicles and machines shown, and CVG is guessing that we got a very brief glimpse of the actual aliens themselves in a recent Crysis trailer that got leaked, which EA subsequently removed from the 'net - but according to Yerli we won't see the aliens properly "until you play", assuring that "the first time you see them you'll shit your pants!"

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Rooted_Dust4013d ago

One of the funnier dev quotes that I've heard in awhile. This game is No.1 on my Looking Forward to list.

The Real Joker4013d ago

When the rivers red, take the dirt road.

tplarkin74013d ago

Crysis will be good, but the game play looks very close to Half-Life 2. The graphics will make it fun (yes, Wii fans, good graphics make games more fun), but keep your hopes down a bit. It's from the makers of Far Cry, which was a good (not great) FPS.

BlindPublic4013d ago

I just bought these pants.

gta_cb4013d ago

must admit i am looking forward to seeing IF the game looks and plays well, just a couple of things that worry me:
first of all i am running
AMD Athlon 64bit 3400+
1GB Ram (PC3200)
ATI Radeon X800 GTO PowerColour (256Mbt GDDR3, not overclocked but can be)
and total of about 500GB of Hard Drive space.
so with these specs would i be able to play this game at best graphics? as i wasnt able to play Quake 4 on the absolute best graphics without it freezing sometimes.

secondly will it be able to be played on XP? or just Vista?

If anyone has any answers please let me know.

The_Firestarter4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

I doubt you'll be able to play Crysis even on a medium setting, since you play Quake 4 and it freezes. You'll need a better processor, another gig of ram, and DEFINATELY a new DX10 videocard. I'm not sure, but I think you'll be able to play Crysis with XP. BUT you'll only be able to play it using DX9. With Vista, then you'll be able to see Crysis in all its glory with DX10!

My specs:
eVGA nForce 680i mobo
C2D E6600 (getting quad core when price goes down)
1GB DDR2-800 RAM (getting one more gig this summer)
300GB HDD (this summer I'll set up a RAID-0)
Geforce 7900 GS (this summer I'm getting the R600)

This game WILL make you crap your pants, but you'll need the right hardware to make the game shine! ^__^

PS360PCROCKS4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

Well first things first it will run on XP and Vista...BUT it will be better on Vista because of the DX10 compatability, this if you remember is the first game to utilize DX10 for PC. and here is a link for everything else you will need...

Anyways lol "Make you sh*t your pants" that's great but I don't know if I want to sh*t my pants for $1500, I could pay Mcdonalds a buck and it would do the same thing. :)

My specs:
Pentium D
Windows Vista
250 GB HDD
and no idea on the graphics card but I want to get a new one and that physx I need both the physx card AND the graphics card or are their cards out their that include both. I have read they kinda do, but the physx card is like extreme physics right? Oh and whats a good graphics card, I have never put one in my computer, mine just has an ATI one

Rooted_Dust4012d ago (Edited 4012d ago )

You'll need both a Graphics card and the Ageia Physx card, problem is that there are not alot of games that utilize it yet, only GRAW, City of Heros, Bet on Soldier, and Cell Factor. It's still a question of if it will become a standard or if it will just go away. $200+ is a little steep for just a physics card. As far as a new Graphics cards go...Do you have a PCI-Express Motherboard? If so...You should find out if it is Crossfire(ATI) enabled or SLI(Nvidia) enabled. If you don't have a PCI-E motherboard you will need one, best to find one that works with your current processor or buy one bundled with a processor. Then buy whatever DX10 card your motherboard is enabled for, 8800's for Nvida and R600 for ATI(not out yet, but soon).PC's are fun aren't they :P

PS360PCROCKS4012d ago

Their expensive!! Haha and I am pretty sure it's an ATI PCI it came with my media center PC which was $1400 so it has alot of good stuff in it

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