What's the story behind Microsoft's handheld Multi-Component Gaming System patent?

As is typical in such patent examinations, Microsoft's submission poses more questions than it answers. The most obvious question is whether the patent means Microsoft will be launching its own dedicated handheld device, which will integrate within the wider world of Xbox Live and the company's other services, such as the unified XNA game development tools?

Pocket Gamer spend some quality time knee deep in patents to try and uncover some hints about Microsoft's top secret handheld strategy.

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gta_cb4248d ago

ummm... even though i have an XBox 360 and love playing it, im not too sure about a handheld, especially when they have to concentrate on stuff like the 65 chip for the 360, unless of course it is in the elite as no one is absolutely sure at the moment.

oh and of course i own a PSP which is one of the most hacked/improved pieces of hardware on the market depending on which way you look at it. atm im running fw 3.02 OE-A

IF MS releases a handheld unit like the PSP or better which ever you want to say, i will look into it as i am very interested in the recent news of the future plans for the XBox community, but i will prob be more interested in the next PSP (PSP2 i presume, and if its as easy to downgrade and run homebrew then i mite already be sold lol.

marcellizot4248d ago

I think that with the PSP2 you can bet fairly certainly that Sony will go one of two ways. They will either embrace homebrew in some form by adding some sort of Yaroze esq (remember that?) functionality, or they will come down even harder and do everything they can to stop homebrew. If it is an always online connected device (as is entirely possible for the next gen handhelds) then they could affect some sort of ban function where any system caught running modded files is blocked.

Still, trying to make a file that can't be copied is like trying to make water that isn't wet.

As for Microsoft this is all very interesting but will the consumer have too much choice? Until we know what it is and how it works then that question cannot be answered but I can say with some certainly that Msoft will be smart about their move into the handheld space.

Just as Sony have observed and learned from Xbox live and will reap the rewards with Home, Microsoft may employ a similar strategy by watching where the cracks in the PSP are and then taking the plunge based on what they learn.

Silver Bull3t4248d ago

it's a mock-up for the article sack-boy. M$ only applied for a patent. Reading is fun, you should try it sometime. meh

deadeyes994243d ago

hope they intigrate this to current gen its smart but potentially spensive